How much is Aissatou Tounkara's salary? Family, ethnicity, bio/wiki

How much is Aissatou Tounkara’s salary? Family, ethnicity, bio/wiki

French footballer Aïssatou Tounkara plays for Paris Saint-Germain and the France national team. Manchester United Women’s team signed French international defender Aissatou Tounkara from Atletico Madrid in August 2022. She welcomed the move and praised the club’s commitment to women’s football. Tounkara is recognized for her fierce defending, Champions League, and European Championship experience. She joined Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in August 2023. Scroll down to learn more details about Aissatou Tounkara’s family, parents, salary, and many more.

Aissatou Tounkara family: Who are her parents?

Football player from France Aissatou Tounkara is well-known for her participation in Division 1 Féminine. Up until my most recent update, however, particular information about her family—including the identities of her parents—was not extensively recorded in publicly accessible sources. She has shared her family photos on her Instagram.

It is always advisable to consult more recent sources or official biographies that may provide such particular personal information.

When and where was Aissatou Tounkara born? Age, education, ethnicity, and nationality

Aissatou Tounkara was born on March 16, 1995, in Paris, France. As of now, she would be 29 years old. She is of Malian descent, which relates to her ethnicity. 

French professional footballer Aissatou Tounkara
 French professional footballer Aissatou Tounkara sources

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In terms of education, specifics regarding her school history are not well known, but she diligently followed her football career, which has been her main emphasis. She is a citizen of France.

How tall is Aissatou Tounkara? Weight and body measurement

Aissatou Tounkara stands at a height of around 1.70 meters, or 5 feet 7 inches. Athletes often do not release specific information about their weight and other body measurements to the public since it is seen as private and not necessary for their professional careers.

How much is Aissatou Tounkara’s salary? How does she make her money?

In sports, specific financial information regarding Aissatou Tounkara is usually not made public. Tounkara and other professional football players, however, mostly get money from a few different sources.

Aissatou Tounkara is signing her contract
Aissatou Tounkara is signing her contract sources

Depending on the conditions of their contracts, they get salaries from the teams where they play. Depending on the league, team, and player’s experience and skill level, salaries might differ significantly. Prominent athletes may also profit from endorsement agreements with the firms that support them, such as apparel makers, equipment producers, or other commercial brands.

Players may get additional compensation in the form of prize money for winning matches, tournaments, or reaching predetermined performance targets, depending on the leagues or tournaments in which they compete. Players may also receive bonuses and appearance fees for representing their country in international competitions or friendly matches.

Overall, Tounkara’s exact earnings breakdown and the sources from which they come are usually confidential and may change over time in response to her professional development and accomplishments.