Ace Ruele wife and kids; UK-born actor is facing deportation to Jamaica

Ace Ruele wife and kids; UK-born actor is facing deportation to Jamaica

Ace Ruele is a North West London-based actor, mentor, and creative. Unlike several other professionals in the industry, his backstory of serving four and a half years in jail for armed robbery in 2007 is what motivates him to achieve his goals and serve as an example of what can be accomplished once you’ve “self-rehabilitated” and changed your mindset. London-based actor born to a Jamaican mother in London but she does not have British citizenship. Why he is deported from the UK? Come down to know about Ace Ruele Deportation to Jamaica. Who is Ace Ruele wife? Who are in his family?

Ace Ruele deportation: What happened to the actor Ace Ruele Aristotles and why he is facing deportation?

According to The Independent, a prominent UK-born actor is facing deportation to Jamaica, which could jeopardize his film career and potentially split his family apart. …… The 33-year-old was born in London to a Jamaican mother who did not have British citizenship at the time and was granted indefinite leave to stay.

The actor claims he involved with the “wrong crowd” during his youth and accused of crimes including a robbery at the age of 19 and sentenced to three years in prison in 2008. He spent five months in an immigration detention center until released when Ace Ruele deportation successfully contested at the last minute.

His status changed to restricted leave to remain five years ago, a government prerogative when someone commits a criminal offense, and his long-running fight to remain in the UK began.

“I feel like I’m being punished again for a mistake I made years ago,” the father-of-three told The Independent. I accept responsibility for my conduct, but at the end of the day, I’ve completed my sentence, never reoffended, and am not a danger to society.”

Appealed the decision to downgrade his status to an immigration judge

Mr. Aristotles appealed the decision to downgrade his status to an immigration judge, who ruled in his favor, citing his secure jobs and close family relations, all of which the Home Office did not challenge.

Ace Ruele wiki
Ace Ruele was infront of media for film promotion for The Legend of Tarjan

However, after the government filed an appeal, another judge reversed the ruling, claiming that despite being a good performer, he had a “financial motive” to reoffend and had failed to show family relations.

“I’d been out of jail for four and a half years, completed my license, worked in the community, and was actually going on with my life when my Indefinite Leave to Remain was terminated in 2016,” he said.

After serving time in jail and winning Ace Ruele Deportation appeal, Mr. Aristotles went on to have a prosperous acting career, starring in a number of high-profile films and television shows.

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Ace Ruele biography: What nationality he belongs to?

The Hollywood actor Ruele was born to a Jamaican mother in London but she does not have British citizenship. He is the father of three children. He was granted temporary leave to stay in the UK, but after being convicted of theft and serving three years in prison in 2008, he was sent to an immigration detention center for five months.

“Despite what I’ve been told, I’ve never considered myself to be Jamaican. He said, “I always felt I was British.”

Ace Ruele is a self-taught actor who worked on the Hollywood film The Legend Of Tarzan without the help of an agent. Ruele is known for his work on His House (2020), Blade of the Assassin (2021) and Brotherhood (2016). According to The Independent, a prominent UK-born actor is facing deportation to Jamaica, which could jeopardize his film career and potentially split his family apart.

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How many children does he have?

The British actor is the father of three children and also a loving husband. He posted on Instagram that he is the lucky father having the third child. It was unbelievable to him the whole time; he didn’t believe it, and he didn’t want to believe it, particularly because things were getting easier with his other two boys and baby number three was an unplanned pregnancy. It felt like a move that stymied his advancement and set him back, but he had to deal with the repercussions and obligations that come with being a man and a father.

Talking about his net worth

As of now Aristotles has spent more before. The actor, who has appeared in The Legend of Tarzan and New Blood, has to pay £2,389 every 30 months to stay in the UK. The total net worth of the actor is  £2.8 million. Ace has worked in television, film, and video games, with credits including The Legend of Tarzan, Eastenders, Brotherhood, and Sony. Ace has done a lot of free public speaking in schools and community activities, as well as mentor a variety of individuals, in order to effect a positive shift, based on his success, experience, and life story.

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Family and early life of Ruele: Why Legend of the Tarzan actor jailed in childhood?

Ace’s journey through the trials and tribulations, as well as the inner demons he had to confront in order to accomplish what he has so far, was a long and lonely one. Growing up with an absent father and feeling he less valued by his mother (than his younger brother) had a negative impact on his life, especially during his teenage years. There is no more information about his family.

Ace had dropped out of school by the age of 15 and had never completed his GCSEs. He obtained his first conviction for GBH and possessing an offensive firearm the next year. Ace avoided jail because the judge believed he still had time to mature, so he sentenced to 100 hours of community service, a fine, and a year of probation instead. Ace had already left home and fully engulfed in a criminal lifestyle at this stage.

Who is Ace Ruele wife? Welcomed 3rd son but his expectation was a baby girl.

Personal information about Hollywood star Ruele was like a secret. There is no information available on the internet. As the site was clearly checked any clarification that he might not want to dispatch his family and wife name. We haven’t any information about his marriage but he has three children. We can see Ace Ruele wife their third son and that he posted on Instagram.

Ace Ruele wife
Ace Ruele wife and son. Source: instagram

On August 6, 2019, he and his wife welcomed their third baby boy. And no doubt his dad was excited to announce the baby to his fans. In the picture, his wife holds the newborn baby and he took the picture of the moment. He shared some emotional words for his baby,

Wow I’m a dad of 3 now.

All this time it was unreal to me, i didnt believe it, i didnt want to believe it, especially when things were becoming easier with my other 2 boys and baby number 3 was unplanned. It felt like a moved that stunned my progression and It was taking me backwards, but regardless I got to deal with my consequences and responsibilities as a man and as a dad.

People would ask are u excited and i would openly say no then say, but i got to do what i got to do. And if I’m being honest, if It was a girl, I would of thought YOOOLOOO i got a baby girl now, but being another son I just thought fuck, another black son I gotta protect from a system that leans more against him and protect him from the streets.

But when I saw just the head come out, a spark of unconditional love hit me and how grateful I am to enable another souls existence within this universe.

So to my son Azarie, welcome to the world and I am grateful and proud to be your dad.

Ps, the universe must of wanted you here because the morning after pill didn’t work, and a big shout out to all the women that have experienced going through labour alone, i honestly felt it for you but recognised how strong yall women truly are ❤️.



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Quick Facts about Ace Ruele

Full NameAce Ruele Aristotles
Age (as of 2021)33 years old
Place of BirthLondon
ProfessionActor, mentor
Net worth £2.8 million
Zodiac SignAries
Height1.8 m
Weight189 lbs.
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