What is zookeeper Erik Cowie net worth? Cause of death, family, wife -

What is zookeeper Erik Cowie net worth? Cause of death, family, wife

Erik Cowie was a well-liked Zoo Keeper at Joe’s zoo. After hearing it for the first time, he decided to join Joe’s Zoo. He chose to join it in order to try something new professionally. Erik was named Head Zookeeper among many people like him as soon as he entered. He previously worked for Greater Wynnewood Animal Funpark for five years before joining the zoo. Erik Cowie, zookeeper for the ‘Tiger King,’ died on September 3, 2021, at the age of 53. Find out about his net worth, wife, and family in the sections below.

American zookeeper and chief Erik Cowie net worth? His main source of earning

Erik Cowie net worth believed to be $3 million dollars. Erik purportedly worked as a culinary artist at Michael’s Grill, situated at 2824 W Country Club Dr. in Oklahoma City, according to his LinkedIn profile. He is the chief zookeeper for Jeff Lowe and his wife Lauren Lowe as of 2020.

Erik Cowie net worth
Erik Cowie in his zoo holding two cub in his hand Source: Haq Express

He rose to prominence after co-starring in Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness with Joe Exotic. In Oklahoma, he had also worked as a cook at Michael’s Grill. He suffering and had a drinking problem before he was featured in the documentary series. He was able to get his life back on track after Tiger King.

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What is his Cause of death? When did he last breathe on the earth?

Erik Cowie, the humorous animal documentary series “Tiger Kingzookeeper, “‘s died at the age of 53. According to TMZ, authorities discovered Cowie’s death in New York City on September 3 2021after a friend discovered him face down in a bedroom. The animal trainer lived in Oklahoma, so it’s unknown why he was in New York. There were no narcotics detected at the site, and a toxicology report is pending.

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Joe Exotic was testified against by Erik Cowie

Joe Exotic (actual name: Joseph Maldonado-Passage) was in charge of the well-known Oklahoma zoo. He was found guilty, however, of paying men to kill a tiger named Baskin. Joe discovered to be killing old tigers to create room for new ones.

Erik testified against Joe, admitting that he witnessed Joe order the shooting and killing of zoo animals. Joe conviction was aided by his confession. He sentenced to 22 years in federal prison in 2020. According to reports, he will be resentenced and released in the middle of 2036.

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Erik Cowie wife, and his personal life: Was he married? Who is his previous girlfriend?

Erik Cowie likely to have been married to the love of his life and to have children with her. However, in order to keep his family out of the spotlight, he rarely flaunts his chemistry on PDA or social media.

Despite the fact that he prefers not to discuss his personal life in front of the public, Cowie is a decent man. Rather than discussing his own family concerns, Cowie frequently talks about his work, shows, and criticizes co-stars.

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What is zookeeper’s parent’s name? How many children does he have?

Erik Cowie wife and family have not been revealed. Erik was a reserved person who never spoke about his wife or his family’s origins. He most likely married and had children, but there is no record of this at the time of writing.

Even if he had children, he not shared any images of them on social media and not seen with them in public.

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Quick facts about Erik Cowie

Full Name
Erik Cowie
death(September 3, 2021)52 years
Place of BirthOklahoma, USA
ProfessionZookeeper, Chief
Net worth$3 million
Zodiac SignGemini
Height1.79 m
Weight205 lbs.

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