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Yvette Monreal Wiki, Net worth, Boyfriend

Yvette Monreal is an American actress who is best known to appear in ‘Rambo: Last Blood,’ ‘Monsoon’ and ‘Once on a Superhero,’ as Gabrielle’ The American girl. Yvette Monreal’ Her breakaway role as Olivia in the science fiction TV series Chutes has been highlighted in her lifetime. She starred on the MTV show “Faking it” from 20014 to 2015 as Reagan. Let’s read Yvette Monreal wiki.

Yvette family intro

Yvette Monreal family
Yvette Monreal with mother anf father. Source: Instagram

According to Yvette Monreal wiki, was born in Los Angeles, California, USA on July 9, 1992. She is a graduate of the Acting Conservatory’s Stella Adler Art. There is no information about her family life but as per her instagram, she randomly shared the photos and fun pictures of siblings. Yvette Monreal has a sister and a brother.


relationship of Yvette Monreal

In February 2015, there is a rumor about the personal life of Yvette Monreal dating actor Gregg Sulkin. There is no other information about Monreal boyfriend besides this, affairs. Due to her superb acting and confidence of approving any characters for her contracts, she is stepping on the stair of success. And Monreal doesn’t want to bother her success by her relationship status. So she want to put herself out of relationships and rumors.

Yvette Monreal boyfriend
Yvette Monreal with her friend Pedro Castro. Source: Instagram

The way she is with her friends, everyone doubts about her closeness with male actors and her friends as well.

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Yvette Monreal net worth and career

She did in several brief films, episodes and business advertisements before she took the job of MTV. There is no question about her performing skill.
The net worth of Yvette Monreal has grown substantially in 2019. Monreal is a successful TV actress, who at 25 years of age has a net worth of about $3 million. The net worth of Yvette Monreal comes from being an actress on TV. She has her own car i.e. Audi A6 sedan and which cost $59,800

in US. She is enjoying her lavish lifestyle from her professional career.

In 2013, she appeared on many popular TV shows such as Harpies and Chites.
Her TV shows like ‘Awkward’ in 2014. Her plays. The cameos like ‘Awkward’ were in the TV show. Those who came in the TV show trained her to star in ‘Faking It’ where she appeared in 10 second-season episodes. The TV show has already established itself. Since starring in a romantic comedy role in ‘Monsoon,’ she has several contracts and one was with the famous American legendary actor Sylvester Stallone in Rambo. In her new DC ‘StarGirl’ series which will debut in May 18th, we will also see Yvette.

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Body measurement of Monreal

Yvette Monreal wiki
Yvette Monreal photo-shoot. Source: instagram

Yvette is 5 feet tall and 4 inches tall. The weight of your body is uncertain, since it varies periodically. She has dark brown hair and brown eyes besides that. In addition,Yvette Monreal measurement are good enough and for that she must care at gym.


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