How much is Wilson Odobert's net worth and earnings? parents, career

How much is Wilson Odobert’s net worth and earnings? parents, career

Wilson Odobert, a rising talent in the football world, has been making waves not only on the field but also in the realm of social media. Let’s delve into some key aspects of Wilson Odobert’s life and career based on the latest information available.

How much is Wilson Odobert’s net worth and earnings?

As of June 2024, Wilson Odobert’s net worth is a subject of curiosity for many. His income sources include not only his football contracts but also his social media presence.

Wilson with his jersey
Wilson with his jersey sources

With a significant following on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, Wilson Odobert has the potential to earn substantial amounts through sponsored posts, with rates varying based on his follower count.

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Wilson Odobert Salary and Contract

Currently playing for Burnley F.C. as #47 Forward and representing the France national under-20 football team as #13 Forward, Wilson Odobert’s career trajectory suggests a promising future.

Wilson Odobert is signing his contract sources

The specifics of his current salary details are not readily available. July 15, 2022, he shared a photo along with the caption: Very happy to have signed my first professional contract with @estac_troyes I want to thank the club for their trust and all the people who accompany and support me in this new project 🙏🏽 GO L’ESTAC.

His involvement with these esteemed teams underscores his skill and dedication to the sport.

Wilson Odobert’s Parents and Background

Born in 2004 in Meaux, France, Wilson Odobert hails from a French background. While information about his parents might not be as prominent in the public domain, his focus on football and his rapid rise in the sport indicate a strong support system that has propelled him toward success.

Career and Achievements

Standing tall at 6’0″, Wilson Odobert’s prowess on the field is evident through his involvement with Burnley F.C. and the France national under-20 football team. At just 19 years of age, he has already made a name for himself as a skilled forward, showcasing potential for a stellar career ahead.

Age and Future Prospects

At the age of 19, Wilson Odobert stands at a pivotal point in his career where opportunities for growth and development abound. With a blend of talent, determination, and youth on his side, he holds the promise of achieving great feats in the football world and beyond.

Wilson Odobert’s journey from Meaux to the football fields of top-tier teams is a testament to his commitment and skills. As he continues to hone his craft and make strides both in football and on social media, he remains a figure to watch closely for those who appreciate the artistry and dedication in the world of sports.


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