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Why did Carlos Sainz Jr. split with his girlfriend?

Carlos Sainz Vázquez de Castro, also known as Carlos Sainz Jr., is a contemporary Formula One driver for Scuderia Ferrari. He is the son of two-time World Rally Champion Carlos Sainz Sr. Isabel Hernáez was Sainz’s girlfriend from 2017 until 2023. Many fans are curious to know about What is the reason behind Carlos Sainz Jr. split with his girlfriend? Come down to learn details about his relationship, dating and so on.

What caused Carlos Sainz Jr. and his girlfriend to break up?

Isabel Hernaez, the girlfriend of Carlos Sainz Jr., confirmed their breakup during a recent public appearance. Since 2016, the Spanish model and the Ferrari driver have maintained a low profile, avoiding statements and public appearances regarding their seven-year relationship. There is no information regarding the cause of their separation.

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The exact reason why Carlos Sainz Jr. and his girlfriend Isabel Hernaez split has yet to be discovered to the public. However, there are a few possible reasons.

  • Distance: Sainz and Hernaez were often separated due to their busy schedules. Sainz is a Formula One driver, which means he travels worldwide for races. Hernaez is a model, which also requires her to travel frequently. This distance could have put a strain on their relationship.
  • Infidelity: There have been rumours that Sainz cheated on Hernaez. However, these rumours have not been confirmed. If this is true, it could have been a significant factor in their breakup.
  • Personal differences: It’s also possible that Sainz and Hernaez simply grew apart. As people change and grow, their needs and wants in a relationship may also vary. It could have led to their breakup if they were no longer compatible.

When did the couple initially meet?

It is a mystery when and how Carlos Sainz Jr. and Isabel Hernández met and began dating. However, their relationship has been going strong for quite some time. Carlos Sainz Jr. and Isabel Hernández have often been seen together at various public events and have shared adorable pictures on their social media accounts, showcasing their love and happiness.  

Carlos Sainz Jr. girlfriend

Carlos and Isabel have made every effort to keep their relationship secret. They have maintained their privacy, even amidst Carlos’s high-profile career as a professional racing driver. Despite the curiosity surrounding their relationship, Carlos and Isabel have chosen to prioritize their personal lives away from the public eye. 

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How much were Carlos Sainz Jr. and Isabel Hernáez active on social media?

The fact that Carlos Sainz Jr. and Isabel Hernaez are romantically involved has never been made public knowledge, and the couple has gone to great lengths to conceal their relationship. In addition to this, they do not interact frequently on social media platforms with one another. 

Formula One driver for Scuderia Ferrari and Journalist Hernaez is pretty active on social media. Carlos has 7.4M followers with 2,076 posts on Instagram and 2.2M Followers with 8,827 Tweets on Twitter. On the other hand, Isabel has 212K followers with 740 posts on Instagram.

Carlos Sainz Jr. girlfriend

Despite their efforts to keep their relationship under wraps, rumors about Carlos Sainz Jr. and Isabel Hernaez being romantically involved have circulated among fans and media. However, both individuals have maintained a low-key presence on social media, rarely sharing any interactions or public displays of affection, further adding to their relationship’s mystery.