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Rhett Hartzog wife Andie MacDowell: Are the pair still together? Net worth, divorce

Rhett Hartzog is a successful Atlanta-based businessman who is best known as a celebrity spouse. He is the former husband of popular American actress Andie MacDowell. The two had met at Gaffney High School, South Carolina, where they had been classmates. Rhett Hartzog is living a luxurious life with his family and earned nearly $20 million worth from his business. Scroll down to know more about Rhett Hartzog wife, net worth, divorce, age, career and other details.

Rhett Hartzog wife: Who is Andie MacDowell? Details about their relationship?

In terms of his romantic and private life, Rhett Hartzog is divorced. They were high school sweethearts and were deeply in love. They officially got married In November 2001. But for some reason, they had to divorce three years after exchanging their vows.

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After divorcing the actress, did Rhett Hartzog remarry?

Rhett Hartzog lost no time in returning to living his life away from the spotlight once his divorce from Andie was officially formalized, making it challenging to keep up with the businessman’s present hookups and breakups. Sources, however, have confirmed that he has not yet remarried. The jeweler’s shop is in Los Angeles, California, where he has his headquarters.

Although it is well known that the Texan has only ever been married once, he hasn’t spoken at length about the ladies he dated before meeting the actress. The same cannot be true, however, for the mother of three who has dated a number of men,…about whom discussed below.

Andie MacDowell previous relationship and their kids

MacDowell wed Paul Qualley, a former model and rancher, in 1986. They had three children: a son named Justin and two daughters named Rainey, Miss Golden Globe 2012, and Margaret, an actress.

Qualley and MacDowell got divorced in 1999. Actor Dennis Quaid and MacDowell had a year-long relationship after she and Qualley got divorced. Rhett Hartzog, an old high school buddy and successful businessman who MacDowell reconnected with in 1999, proposed to her on November 10, 2001. In October 2004, the divorce became official.

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Rhett Hartzog with his ex-wife Andie Macdowell sources:Filmspeak

How did he get start in his professional career?

A prosperous businessman, Rhett Hartzog is a wealthy man with a focus on the jewelry industry. He also rose to fame as Andie MacDowell’s ex-husband. American actress and model Andie MacDowell is well-known there. She has acted in several movies and television shows and has been nominated for numerous honors.

Her performance in the 1989 movie Sex, Lies, and Videotape received a lot of positive reviews. St. Elmo’s Fire, Green Card, Hudson Hawk, The Player, The Object of Beauty, Short Cuts, and Four Weddings and a Funeral are among examples. She has also made appearances in a number of television programs and series. Andie has also maintained a relationship with Calvin Klein Inc., a renowned fashion company founded by Calvin Klein himself, throughout her modeling career. She has additionally worked for L’Oreal and a number of other upscale companies.

Rhett Hartzog biography: Who were his parents? Education, nationality, ethnicity

Rhett was born on April 21, 1958 in Houston, Texas, thus in 2022 he will be 64 years old. Rhett Hartzog was born to American parents whose names are currently unknown. Due to the fact that neither Rhett’s parents nor siblings have ever been in public, we remain in the dark regarding his family. Rhett has American citizenship and Caucasian ancestry. According to astrology, he has Aries as his zodiac sign.

A college degree, study, and leadership are all requirements for being a successful businessman. He is intelligent and well-educated when it comes to his educational background. Hartzog attended High School in the US, for his primary education. He continued his schooling at a university after that. Unfortunately, there is currently no information available about his university.

Wealthy businessman Hartzog net worth, earnings, income

The Rhett Hartzog net worth is a substantial amount. Considering his lengthy career as an entrepreneur and businessman, who has experienced both numerous losses and many profits. Rhett Hartzog has a large net worth. The precise sum of Rhett Hartzog’s wealth is still unknown, particularly in light of his recent divorce from his ex-wife, Andie MacDowell. 

His earnings and wealth have not been disclosed. Given his background in business, it is clear that he has managed to amass a sizable cash account through his profits. His net wealth is not published, though. Nevertheless, as of 2022, Rhett Hartzog’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. Andie, his ex-wife, is currently valued at a staggering $25 million, which is somewhat more than Rhett Hartzog’s net worth. Her acting and modeling careers are where she makes the most of her money.

How tall is Rhett? Weight and Social media presence

Rhett Hartzog both attitude and physical appearance are fantastic. The businessman is of a decent height and weight. Rhett Hartzog is 6 feet tall, or almost 1.82 meters. His declared weight is 82 kg. His blonde hair contrasts with his brown eyes.

Interestingly Rhett Hartzog doesn’t have a social media presence. Perhaps he is too busy with his diverse business ventures, particularly the Jewelry sector, to be involved in social media shenanigans. However, his ex-wife, Andie MacDowell, is his direct opposite. She is pretty active on social media platforms, especially Instagram. 

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