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Celebrity Favorite New Couples and Hookups

Apparently, being famous means it would be easier to find a romantic partner at will, but it is not always true. In fact, having a familiar face can often make things a bit more awkward, causing all sorts of troubles for celebrities looking for romantic flings and hookups. They have so much to think about when going out with a stranger – the person sitting next to them might just be a fan of their work or after their fortune. But, sometimes, celebrities manage to turn things in their favor and find a perfect partner, and those couples instantly become fan favorites. 

Is It True that Celebs Love Hookups and Try Dating Sites?

The popularity of dating sites is at an all-time high, with people seeking a way to find a partner while respecting social distance to defeat the pandemic. Celebrities are not an exception, as so many of them have admitted to using dating sites, especially during the lockdown, to find local hookups in a safe and secure environment. So many celebrities deleted their accounts, like Emilia Clarke after a while, but others are still out there and hoping to get a hookup opportunity.

Celebrities do love hookups, but they handle things with care. Most of them even manage to find a partner on the sets. Some of these hookups are nothing more than fun, but other – turn into something serious, like that of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor on Cleopatra; Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner on Daredevil; and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

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Some actors are even fine with the idea of dating fans through online dating platforms. They truly appreciate the idea of swiping right and use it every once in a while to enjoy discreet hookups. The former Real Housewives star, Bethenny Frankel, met her now-fiancé Paul Bernon online. Luan de Lesseps, from the Real Housewives of New York, is another example of a celebrity using a dating site to find her beau, who in this case was trainer Garth Wakeford. Other celebrities who have admitted using dating sites include Drew Barrymore, Adam Rippo, Chrissy Metz, Demi Lovato, and Andy Cohen.

It suggests that just like an average Joe, a celebrity also needs a romantic partner to have some fun, and those hot ladies and handsome hunks do not mind resorting to online dating sites. You can also find a way to connect with them by identifying the most used sites by those stars. Even if you do not really meet one, you might end up finding a perfect lookalike to feel out of this world. Just keep looking, and you will find your Angelina Jolie soon.

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Our Top 5 Most Favorite New Celebrity Couples

Whether they meet online or they connect offline on the sets, they are always in the hearts of the fans, and people never get tired of talking about their favorite celebrity couples. Some of those celebrity couples like to keep things low-key, like Olivia Wilde but others are a lot more overt in showing their love, like Bennifer 2.0. You really cannot blame them, can you? Here are some of the newest celebrity favorite couples who are always in discussion on social media and dating sites.

Rachel Zegler and Josh Rivera

Rachel Zegler and Josh Rivera

Finally, the West Side Story co-stars have made things official, and they have opted for Instagram to share their feelings through a stunning selfie posted by Zegler on Valentine’s Day. She revealed her love for Rivera a few days after last year’s Valentine’s Day. She is very happy, and so are the fans.

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Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader

While the couple has been dating quietly for about a year now, she has recently decided to talk about her love for Hader. They med on the sets of Saturday Night Live and then did a movie together. She is really pleased about her association with Hader and getting a great response from fans all over the world.

G-Eazy and Ashley Benson

G-Eazy and Ashley Benson
G-Eazy and Ashley Benson

No, it is not exactly a new couple, but the interesting news is that they are “reconnecting” after a year. They broke up in February 2021, but after they were spotted together at the end of 2021, it is talked they are showing interest in each other and feeling “hoping” about their new relationship.

Chase Rice and Kristin Cavallari

Chase Rice and Kristin Cavallari
Chase Rice and Kristin Cavallari

Speaking of hookups and love that does not last for long, this celebrity couple has to be on the top of the list. They started seeing each other in September 2021 and explored Nashville together, but they decided they were not for each other in October, with Cavallari confirming she is single again. Ever since the couple has been a hot discussion topic on social media and popular online dating sites.

Vicki Gunvalson with Her Mystery Man

The Real Housewives of Orange County star has confirmed that she is seeing a new man. She has coyly described her mystery man a couple of times but has not yet revealed who he really is. Her secretive behavior is keeping fans on the edge of their seats and making Gunvalson a talk of the town.


Celebrity or not, you just cannot live life alone, and when you do need to find a hookup partner, nothing works better than the Internet, where hundreds of dating sites are available to put you on the right track. Online or offline, the world is full of dating opportunities; you just have to take the first step.


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