All about the late singer Tom Verlaine wife, cause of death, net worth

All about the late singer Tom Verlaine wife, cause of death, net worth

Tom Verlaine aka Thomas Miller, great guitar player of the New York city band television, died aged 73 on January 28, 2023 (Saturday). His death was announced by Jesse Paris Smith, the daughter of Patti Smith, who said that he died “after a brief illness”. He was an American singer, songwriter, and well known as frontman of the New York City rock band Television. Many fans are curious to know about the late singer Tom Verlaine wife, what was the reason behind his death? How much was his net worth till his death? and many more other details:

Who was Tom Verlaine wife? Was he married at the time of death?? Wedding and their children

Tom Verlaine wife
Tom Verlaine with Patti Smith sources: Dailymail

Tom Verlaine wife: Before death, he was living a happy life. Verlaine and Patti Smith reportedly had a brief connection when they were both active in the emerging New York punk scene. They collaborated regularly over the years. In 1976, the duo wrote a poetry book called The Night. Additionally, Patti Smith’s daughter Jesse Paris Smith confirmed Tom’s demise and said he passed unexpectedly following a brief illness. 

They released their first single with Fred Smith in place of Hell after Verlaine expelled him from the group in 1975 due to his unpredictable playing and conduct. Patti Smith, a poet and musician, and Verlaine both participated in the rising New York punk scene. Before breaking in July 1978, Television released the critically acclaimed albums Marquee Moon and Adventure to both strong and moderate sales.

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Once on 13th December 2018, Patti Smith captioned: This is

Tom Verlaine, the co-founder

of the legendary band Television,

that inaugurated CBGB’S. There

is none like Tom, synthesizing

Coltranesque improvisation, surf

music and Sufi like mysticism, to

form his unique style, highlighted

by masterful use of the tremolo bar

on his Fender Jazz. Master. Thank

you Tom for your inspiring presence,

expressionistic performances, and

your poignant and humorous nature.

Happy 69th birthday Tom Verlaine.

You have indeed intoxicated angels.

How much was legendary star Tom Verlaine net worth and earnings? Awards & Achievement

Tom net worth at the time of her death may surprise you. Verlaine was a vocalist, guitarist, and composer from the United States best known as the lead singer of the rock group Television from New York City. Tom had estimated $2 million net worth at the time of his passing. On his second solo album, Look to the Sky, released in 2012, Verlaine worked with James Iha, a former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist. He made it from his entire career.

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Verlaine served as the guitarist for a number of recordings made by various musicians, notably the Luna album Penthouse. He contributed to the Grammy-nominated song “Glitter in Their Eyes” by Patti Smith from her 2000 album Gung Ho. Smith and Verlaine had previously worked together on songs from her 1996 album Gone Again, “Fireflies,” and her debut hit “Hey Joe” from the 1970s. Additionally, in the early 1990s, he played guitar on “Break It Up” from her debut album Horses. Together with Smith, he wrote the latter tune. He joined Smith in 2005 for a full performance of Horses’ 30th anniversary concert, which was later released on CD.

Verlaine was a member of the Million Dollar Bashers, a supergroup that also included the artists Lee Ranaldo and Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth, Nels Cline of Wilco, Tony Garnier on bass for Bob Dylan, Smokey Hormel on guitar, and John Medeski on keyboards. Their music can be heard on the film I’m Not There’s original soundtrack, which is a biography of Bob Dylan.

When did Tom pass away? Cause of death

Tom Verlaine, singer, song-writer and legendary guitar player has died. He died in New York City on January 28, 2023 after a brief illness, at the age of 73. His passing was reported by Jesse Paris Smith, Patti Smith’s daughter, who stated that he passed away “after a brief illness”.

“Tom Verlaine, Founder of Influential Punk Band Television, Dies at 73”

A short biography about late American singer Verlaine: Age, parents, siblings, nationality, education

Tom Verlaine was born on December 13, 1949 in Denville, New Jersey, U.S. to a Jewish Family. However, not much is known about his parents. At the age of six, he relocated to Wilmington, Delaware, with his family. He grew up with their siblings. He was very private towards his personal life.

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Early on, he started learning the piano, but in middle school, inspired by a Stan Getz record, he switched to the saxophone. From a young age, Verlaine was interested in writing and poetry. At the boarding school they both attended, Sanford School, he made friends with Richard Hell (Richard Meyers), a future bandmate and punk legend. They soon realized they had similar interests in poetry and music.

Height, weight and other measurement

Verlaine was 6′ 4″ (1.93 m) tall and weighed around 68 kg. 


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