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Let’s talk about Shanna Riley personal and private life… What is her net worth in 2020?

Shanna Riley is an American social media personality who got famous after her marriage with the famous You Tuber, Blogger, Comedian, Roman Atwood. He has Millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel which has so far grossed a billion views. What is Shanna Riley net worth after divorce?

Shanna Riley net worth
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Shanna once received massive criticism for her affair with another guy while Roman was on vacation. Roman, knowing what Shanna did, tweeted about it on his official Twitter and called Shanna a “Bit**.” The action ended with Roman losing thousands of fans along with his girlfriend.

So, if you are interested to know about her full details and information, Then read this article to the end.

How was Shanna Riley Childhood

Shanna Riley was born on February 21, 1983, in Utah as Shanna Janette Riley with the sun sign Pisces. 

She holds American nationality and belongs to the North-American white ethnicity. Talking about her childhood, she grew with her parents in Utah.

But she has not talked about her parents and hasn’t shared details about her childhood either.

Shanna Riley’s Personal Life

As we already know, Shana Riley was married to her long term partner Roman Atwood in 2001. She started dating Atwood when she was just 17 years old. 

After marriage, the couple gave birth to a beautiful child, Noah Atwood On October 18, 2004. 

For eight years, the couple lived in harmony, away from rumors and controversies. After that, in 2010, Riley and Atwood got divorced.

Shanna Riley’s Controversies/ Rumor

Shanna Riley is still in controversy for admitting that she cheated on her husband. Reportedly, Riley cheated on Roman in 2008, precisely the day they separated. 

However, the official divorce completed in 2010, and now the former couple has Noah Atwood’s joint custody. On weekdays, Shanna Riley could keep Noah with her while on weekends, father Roman Atwood will have him. After separation, they also were seen fighting on Twitter.

Then, in 2015, Riley twitted saying “He even posted a video named “My wife cheated on me.” Later, he deletes it. Again in 2017, he posted a video Talked about Ex-Wife.

Moreover, Riley is not active on her social media anymore. Despite having thousands of fans, she chose to take her account down after the whole Roman-Shanna dispute got to a self-destructive level.

Shanna Riley’s Net Worth of 2019

Shanna Riley is living a good life with another guy. Also, she received a tremendous amount of money as a settlement from her ex-husband, but either of them doesn’t reveal the figure of the divorce settlement deal. The amount is nearly $2m in total as Shanna Riley net worth.

Roman in the video above, has accused Riley of asking for more money and he also said that she left their son of his door and ran off right after he gave her the money. Currently, we don’t know how Riley’s life is in recent days.


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