UK govt. revoked Shamima Begum citizenship; latest news, husband

UK govt. revoked Shamima Begum citizenship; latest news, husband

Shamima Begum is a denaturalized British-born lady who joined the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Syria when she was 15 years old. The ambition of Shamima Begum to return to the United Kingdom sparked a public debate about how returning jihadists should be treated. Her British citizenship was revoked by the British government in February. She would never be allowed to return, it stated later. Scroll down to learn more about Shamima Begum husband, family, children, and net worth, terror group.

Who is Shamima Begum husband? Does she have children?

Shortly after arriving in IS territory, Shamima Begum married Yago Riedijk, a Dutch Isis fighter. He is a Muslim convert from the Netherlands who left the United Kingdom in October 2014 for Syria. Riedijk raised in a “beautiful” middle-class household, according to his former neighbors in Arnhem, the Netherlands, before converting to Islam and joining ISIS. Begum claimed that the last time she saw her husband was when they escaped Baghuz village in early February of that year, According to Shamima Begum husband.

Her husband had surrendered to a group of Syrian Democratic Forces-aligned fighters (SDF). Riedijk said he rejected IS and tried to escape the group in an interview with BBC Middle East correspondent Quentin Sommerville. Begum moved to the al-Hawl refugee camp in the meanwhile. Shamima confessed in the same interview that their three children had all died early. Her youngest kid was born in a refugee camp in February 2019 and died from a lung infection in March 2019, According to Shamima Begum husband.

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Shamima Begum latest news apologizing for joining terror group 

Shamima Begum, an ISIS bride, apologized for joining the terror group and pleaded with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to allow her to return to the UK, saying she’d “rather die” than return to the jihadists in her first live TV interview. Begum was 15 years old when she and two classmates decided to join ISIS in Syria. When she travelled to Syria, she said she deceived.

Shamima Begum latest news
Shamima Begum is in black burkha apologizing for joining terror group Source: BBC

Shamima, now 22 and living in a Syrian refugee camp, has attempted to come home, but her British citizenship was revoked in 2019 on national security grounds, and she has fought unsuccessfully to get her passport reinstated. Begum claimed she joined IS because she wanted to “get married, have children, and live a pure Islamic life.” However, ongoing study into the reasons of women and girls joining IS has uncovered a wide range of motivations, including a desire for belonging, purpose, adventure, ideological fulfillment, and even a desire for violence.

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Begum offered a message to Prime Minister

She delivered a scathing message to the prime minister, saying, “I believe I could greatly assist you in your fight against terrorism because you clearly don’t know what you’re doing.” “I didn’t want to cause any harm to anyone in Syria or anyplace else in the world. I didn’t realize it was a death cult at the time; I assumed it an Islamic community,” she explained.

Shamima Begum news
Shamima Begum came in news Source: Press Gauzette

Sajid Javid, who made the decision to revoke Begum’s citizenship as home secretary, defended his decision, telling ITV News on Wednesday that it was “absolutely the right one.” “It was a fairly clear-cut conclusion in the end when I saw what I did and the evidence I received from my advisers and our intelligence agencies,” Javid added.

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Shamima Begum appealing for proving her innocence

In an unprecedented TV appearance, Shamima Begum said she wanted to testify in front of British courts to disprove charges that she was involved in terrorist crimes while living under Islamic State in Syria. The 22-year-old, speaking live from a detention camp in Syria on Good Morning Britain, said she would “rather die than go back to IS” – and that she wanted to prove her innocence in the nation where she was born.

Shamima Begum appealing
Shamima Begum is appealing Source: NYP

“I am willing to go to court and face the people who made these charges in order to refute them, because I know I did nothing in IS other than be a mother and a wife. These allegations are being pushed to make me appear bad because the government has no evidence against me,” Begum remarked.

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Quick Facts about Shamima

Full Name
Shamima Begum 
BirthdayAugust 25, 1999
Age (as of 2021)22 years old
Place of BirthUnited Kingdom
Net worthUnknown
Spouse/GirlfriendYago Riedijk
Zodiac SignUnknown
ParentsAhmed Ali
Mulberry Academy Shoreditch

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