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Self-study and training – network engineer

First, let’s talk about self-study

1. The knowledge of the network industry is common. You can read and classic books in the industry, and learn slowly, as much as you can learn. With experiments to verify, experiments can be practiced with simulators, such as the more classic gns3 cisco simulator, or Huawei’s ensp simulator, through real experiments, to verify the knowledge in books.

2. Find a way to find a few friends to learn Cisco together. Self-study will inevitably be slack. It is very important to encourage each other to grow together. On the one hand, you can learn Cisco knowledge, and on the other hand, you can also gain a group of friends who have the same interests.

3. Find ways to contact people in the industry, and communicate with people in the industry more. For the knowledge points that you don’t understand, get it in time, and avoid starting to give up.

4. Take good study notes.

 Good memory is not as good as bad writing. What you understand now may not be understood later. After all, knowledge is easily forgotten.

Second, talk about the training

The main feature of the training institution is that it can provide the materials needed for learning, such as live broadcast, screen recording, experiments, exam questions, answering questions, communication circles, etc.

1. Live broadcast

For online training institutions, live classes are essential. Online teachers answer questions through interaction, making live broadcasts as if they were on the spot, allowing students to digest and understand as many knowledge points as possible.

2. Screen recording

Many people think that the screen recording of the class is enough. The screen recording is really good. In fact, many times, the screen recording is used for review. The pause, playback, and drag and drop of the screen recording cause only 5% people can see it in full.

3. Experiment

After learning the knowledge, how to really master the skills? The best way is to use it and configure it on the device. Only after you have practiced it can you remember it more clearly. In the early days, the simulation was very imperfect and you could only use the real machine to practice. The current simulator routing exchange can achieve 99% effect (for some data centers, voice, etc., it is not easy to simulate).

Many students easily click on the cable to turn on the simulation, complaining that it would be better if there is a real phone. To be honest, you don’t want to play even if you give it to a real phone. You have to go to the side of the equipment to find it, and the key equipment is still very noisy.

4. Exam questions

In China, you have to have some question banks for everything, and the same is true for Cisco and Huawei.

What can you get by simply relying on the certification of the question bank? It’s just a certificate paper.

CCIE is not the same as CCNA and CCNP. It requires a lot of training, because LAB needs on-site practical operation, requires a lot of configurations, and also has to worry about the examiner’s bad mood. For everything, you need to be fully prepared before you dare to go to the battlefield. During the exam, you are like a warrior fighting.

But CCIE can be opened and hung, and the LAB thing is just like opening and hanging. This has also caused some parallel imports who have passed the CCIE exam to enter the market.

At this point you have to ask yourself what do you want? It takes a lot of time and effort to get technology what you want. You can get a certificate a lot easier. But it is still the old saying that knowledge is one’s own, and the certificate is just a facade.

5. Answer questions

Learning techniques often get stuck, and often a problem may not be solved for a few days. The main problem is that the layer 2 loop gets stuck…then the device overheats. At this time, you need someone to answer you in time.

6. Circle

Humans are social animals, and fighting alone is often lonely and easier to give up. When you are surrounded by people who want to learn, improve, and have a similar level, you will have a sense of belonging, so that you will not be alone on the road of hard work.

Third, Summary

The reason why you participate in Cisco training can also give you a boost to your learning. The knowledge you get is something that you have to put in your own effort and time to get.

For a person who doesn’t want to learn, no matter how good the training is, it’s useless. You can’t even open your mouth if you put knowledge in your mouth. You can only get the future you want if you want it from your heart and put in a hundred times of effort.


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