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Actor Ryu Si-won Announces Wife’s Pregnancy

Renowned South Korean actor Ryu Si-won recently shared joyous news: his wife, who is 19 years younger, is expecting their first child. The announcement has garnered considerable attention and congratulations from fans and the entertainment industry alike.

He made this heartwarming revelation during his appearance on the popular show ‘Dolsing Fourmen.’ He disclosed that after ten months of IVF treatment, his wife is now nine weeks pregnant. The couple’s perseverance and ultimate success have touched many hearts, as they openly discussed their journey to parenthood.

Ryu Si-won with his wife Sources

Ryu, aged 51, married his wife in 2020. Despite their significant age difference, the couple has shown a strong and loving relationship. This announcement marks a new chapter in their lives, promising even more happiness ahead.

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Fans have expressed their excitement and support through various social media platforms, congratulating the couple on their upcoming addition to the family. The entertainment world also extends its best wishes to them during this special time.

 Ryu Si-won Wife's Pregnancy
Ryu Si-won Wife’s Pregnancy sources

As Ryu Si-won and his wife prepare for this new journey, they continue to receive an outpouring of love and encouragement. Their story of hope and determination serves as an inspiration to many who face similar struggles.


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