Roberta Metsola wiki, career, relationship, net worth

Roberta Metsola wiki, career, relationship, net worth

Roberta Metsola is currently a acting president and first Maltese Vice-President of the parliament of Europe. Till now she is the incumbent of the office of parliament whose accumed office started from 11 january, 2022 after the sudden demise of the president David Sassoli in same day. By Profession Mestola is a lawyer and is involved into politics from her college days. come down to know more about Roberta Metsola wiki, career, relationship, net worth and many more:

Roberta Metsola wiki

Roberta Metsola is born in January 18, 1979 in St. Julian’s, Malta. She is the daughter of father Georgia and Mother Rita who has altogether three children. Roberta is the eldest among all her siblings. The lady spent her childhood in the seaside town of Gzira, Malta. The lady studied Doctor in Law from the University of Malta and continued her studies in European Law from the European college in Bruges.

Roberta Metsola Source: Instagram

Roberta Metsola career

Early career

Roberta attributes her activism to the vote on Malta’s membership in the European Union. The lady was elected as the Secretary-General of the European Democratic Student Organization in 2002. Roberta stood for Malta’s first European Parliament elections at the age of 25, while still in school. She did not win the election then.

Metsola has been a member of Malta’s Partit Nazzjonalista since she was a youngster, working in the party’s international secretariat, actively advocating for a “Yes” vote in the 2003 EU membership referendum, and assisting with the PN’s polling arm, ELCOM. She was a Nationalist candidate in the 2004 European Parliament elections and the 2009 European Parliament  in Malta. In neither of these elections, she was successful.

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Member of Parliament

On 24th April, 2014 Roberta took part in the casual election to fill the seat of Simon Busuttil. She won the election becoming one of the Malta’s first female to enter in the European Parliament. She entered as the member of the European People’s Parliament Group (EPPG). After that she has become the member of different leading groups such as Parliament’s Committee of Inquiry into Money Laundering, Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion, European Parliament Intergroup on Children’s Rights and many more. She states that:

“I have always stood for the politics of moderation over extremism, for politics based on truth, justice and correctness, of fact-based not identity politics.”

After that in November 2020, she replaced Mairead McGuiness, who is now European commissioner and became the first Maltese vice- president in the European parliament. After that in November 2021, she was chosen to become the next EPP after David Sassoli. Currently, she was the acting president of the EPP but the sudden demise of David one week before the expiry of his term.

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Roberta Metsola relationship

Roberta is married to Ukko Metsola who is the member of the National Coalition Party of Finland. They both took part in the election of European Parliament President representing their own country. The couple first met with each other in 1999 during the party function and were in contact since then. The couple has altogether four children,  Luca, Alec, Marc and Kristian where the first child is in teen age while the youngest is just four years old.

Roberta Metsola with her family Source: Instagram

Roberta Metsola net worth

Acting president Roberta Metsola net worth is around $5 million . Her main source of income is politics. Talking about her social media, Roberta has about 12.8k followers in her instagram account . And about 23.5k and about 58k followers in her twitter and facebook page respectively. The new elected president has a large fan following.

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