The CEO of Veritas Capital Ramzi Musallam net worth, and wife

The CEO of Veritas Capital Ramzi Musallam net worth, and wife

Ramzi Musallam is the CEO and managing partner of Veritas Capital. In 1998, he was a founder member of the firm’s first institutional fund. As fate turned to tragedy, Ramzi Musallam caught the light. When Musallam joined Veritas Capital in 1998, he rose to become the company’s second-highest executive. Ramzi joined Veritas Capital in 1997 and became CEO in 2012, following the death of founder Robert McKeon. Continue reading to learn more about Ramzi Musallam net worth, earnings, family, and wife.

How much is Ramzi Musallam net worth?

Ramzi Musallam net worth is projected to be $4 billion, putting him in the Forbes 400 for the first time this year. Veritas Capital’s assets have expanded from $2 billion in 2012 to $36 billion today, with funds returning a stunning 31 percent net internal rate of return. Veritas has dispersed $12 billion to its investors since Musallam took over, with only one venture losing money ($87 million on a solar panel startup in New Mexico).

Ramzi Musallam
Ramzi Musallam has worn a precious watch Source: Forbes

Musallam has risen to become one of the federal government’s most decorated executives. Veritas Capital has completed a number of multibillion-dollar landscape-changing acquisitions under his leadership and vision in the previous six months, catapulting the company to the highest degree of excellence and strategic growth for its future as 2021 unfolds. Musallam’s strategy is based on anticipating what the world’s most powerful player would do next. Musallam had recently raised $1.9 billion for Veritas’ first new fund, and had staked a significant portion of it on the Scottsdale, Arizona-based firm.

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Musallam received a 2021 Wash100 Award for leading multi-billion dollar acquisitions

Ramzi Musallam, managing partner and CEO of Veritas Capital, has received a 2021 Wash100 Award from Executive Mosaic, the leading provider in connecting, promoting, and branding government and government contracting (GovCon) executives. Ramzi Musallam, managing partner and CEO of Veritas Capital, has led a large number of multi-billion dollar acquisitions to drive exponential growth for the private equity firm. Musallam has won the Wash100 Prize six years in a row, the most coveted award at GovCon, in its illustrious eight-year history. He is still one of the most important growth drivers and a prominent executive in the GovCon business.

“Ramzi has received our Wash100 Award six times in a row. When his six awards are joined to the almost 30 Wash100 Awards obtained by CEOs and board members in his orbit of firms over the last eight years, the total approaches an incredible almost 30.”

Ramzi Musallam
Ramzi Musallam is in an award show Source; Getty

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How did he start his career? How did he get a huge success from his career?

It all began when Ramzi’s boss, Robert McKeon, committed suicide in his Southern Connecticut mansion at the age of 58. He was aware that Robert was suffering from mental illness, but he never anticipated him to commit suicide. Musallam returned to the workplace after Robert’s death to design a plan to prevent Veritas Capital, which Robert started in 1992, from failing. Ramzi began having emergency meetings with Veritas’ investors the morning after Robert’s suicide, and despite many setbacks, Veritas achieved spectacular Wall Street success.

Veritas was the fourth highest performing business in the private equity market when it was listed in January, thanks to Ramzi’s strategy. HEC-Dow Jones ranked Veritas first, ahead of large firms such as Vista, Equity Partner, and Clayton, with a performance score of 1.65. He built his portfolio by concentrating on technology companies that operate in areas controlled by the US federal government, such as military, education, and healthcare. Despite his accomplishments, Musallam avoids the spotlight and only speaks to the press on rare occasions. He is one of the few financiers with high security clearance from the government.

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Who is the billionaire Ramzi wife?

Ramzi Musallam appears to be a private individual, as he keeps his personal life private from his followers. Not only that, but he has kept his personal life hidden from view, so no one knows if he has a wife or not. However, based on the information he revealed in the interview, our staff was able to determine the facts about his personal life.

Ramzi Musallam
Ramzi Musallam is with his beautiful wife Source: Getty

Ramzi Musallam is married to a stunning woman whose identity has yet to be revealed. He and his wife, according to insiders, are living a happy and fulfilling life. He appears to be a very private person, as he has not shared any information about his wife or children. We’ll keep this blog updated with all of the details on his personal life.

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