Pro Boxer Luis Ortiz net worth and career stats | Luis Ortiz height | contract

Pro Boxer Luis Ortiz net worth and career stats

Luis Ortiz is a professional Pro Boxing from Cuba. He has successful owned worldwide reputation for lifting the WBA Interim World Heavyweight Title for 2015-2016.   How much Luis Ortiz net worth is?

Career Stats of Ortiz

Luis was born in Camaguey, Cuba on March 3, 1979. He debut as a boxer in February 2010 with Lamar Davis, American boxer and also held his second fight in same location. He consistently won several matches back to back with different professional fighters and instantly seek the attention of audience toward own. He fought and won several championships against bigger challenges from professional pro fighters.

pro fight boxing World Title Challenger
Pro Fighter Luis Ortiz..Image Source: SkyNews

Ortiz and his fans cannot forget his ever won match against Bert Cooper by a knock out in World Title Challenger. Not only this, match against with Luis Andres Pineda was also a memorable win for Luis.

The 6 feet 4 inches height Luis, also made an incredible record of fighting three times within eighteen days in the Dominican Republic.

There are several awards and titles over his name, he lifted up the silver medal at the Boxing World cup Russia in 2005.

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Pro Boxer Luis Ortiz net worth

The world heavy weight fighter has massive net worth around $22 million in 2019. His professional game makes his money. It was not easy for Luis Ortiz to make name and fame in the world. There are no such Pro fighter from Cuba who can fight for the place of world heavy weight champion. There may be something called doping charges against him, which are all false. He never turned back to door from failure and pain. He fight backs and win over.

Pro Boxer Luis Ortiz net worth
Pro Boxer Luis Ortiz at the ring

Mr. Ortiz fixed his place in quarterfinal in the World Championship, held in China. And in 2015, he finally made the title of the World Heavyweight Title.


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