Meet Prince Hashim bin Hussein's wife, Fahdah Mohammed Abunayyan: net worth, age

Meet Prince Hashim bin Hussein’s wife, Fahdah Mohammed Abunayyan: net worth, age

Prince Hashim bin Hussein is the younger of the two sons of King Hussein and Queen Noor of Jordan. In her autobiography, Queen Noor states that Hashim was named after the clan of Hashim, the tribe to which the Islamic prophet Muhammad and King Hussein belong. He is in the line of succession to the Jordanian throne. Apart from his professional life, he is a married man if you want more information about Hashim bin Hussein’s wife, net worth, education, age, and many more.

Who is Prince Hashim bin Hussein’s wife, Fahdah Mohammed Abunayyan? How many kids does the couple have?

Prince Hashim bin Hussein is a happily married man and father of kids. He is married to his wife, Fahdah Mohammed Abunayyan. Fahdah Mohammed Abunayyan from Saudi Arabia. Prince Hashim got engaged on January 6, 2006, and married on April 15, 2006. Sheikh Turki bin Khaled bin Ahmed Al Sudairi, the president of the Saudi Human Rights Commission, is the bride’s maternal grandpa, and Mohammad bin Ibrahim Abunayyan, the groom. Prince Hashim bin Hussein’s wife is well known for being his partner.

Prince Hashim bin Hussein's wife
Prince Hashim bin Hussein with his wife, sources arab news

The couple has five children, three daughters and two sons. Princess Haalah bint Hashim was born on April 6, 2007, in Amman, Jordan, Rayet Al-Noor bint Hashim was born on July 4, 2008; Princess Fatima Al-Alia bint Hashim on November 5, 2011; Prince Hussein Haidara bint Hashim on June 15, 2015; and Prince Mohammad Al-Hassan bint Hashim on October 21, 2019. Recently, he and his wife and their kids lived happily together.

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 How much is Prince Hashim bin Hussein’s net worth/earnings? What makes him a millionaire?

Prince Hashim bin Hussein’s net worth is estimated to be $750 million. Prince Hashim bin made the majority of his money by selling Yeezy sneakers. The amount of money he earned from his profession was large enough to be regarded as one of the highest celebrity payouts ever, even though he overstated the scale of his business over time. Being a prosperous king is the main source of his primary income.

Abdullah has a global network of real estate holdings worth over $100 million in addition to his political career. Notably, he used British Virgin Islands offshore firms to conceal his ownership. The leak of the Pandora Papers in 2021 eventually made this information public.

In October 2021, The Washington Post revealed that over ten years, the king spent more than $106 million on homes in the United States and Great Britain, including $70 million on property in Malibu, California.

Prince Hashim bin Hussein biography: parents, siblings, and education

Prince Hashim was born on 10 June 1981. He was born to his father, Jordan’s King Hussein, and his mother, Queen Noor. His Majesty King Hussein and Queen Noor had two sons: HRH Prince Hamzah and HRH Prince Hashim, and two daughters: HRH Princess Iman and HRH Princess Raiyah, and 12 grandchildren.

He received his elementary education in Amman at the Amman Baccalaureate School and then attended the schools of St. Mark’s and Fay School in the United States. He later graduated from Maret School in Washington, D.C., in 1999. Prince Hashim went to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 2000. 

The Prince Saud Bin Abdullah Award was given to him. He attended Duke University after completing his studies at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, then transferred to Georgetown University. The Prince graduated with a bachelor’s degree in comparative studies from Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service in August 2005. Later, on September 5, 2006, he received his degree in Quranic studies from Jordan’s Balqa Applied University. The prince took several military and security courses while serving as a Captain in the 3rd Royal Ranger Battalion of the Jordanian Armed Forces.

How old is Prince Hashim bin Hussein? Nationality

As of now,  Prince Hashim bin Hussein is 41 years old. He holds Jordanian nationality.


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