Who is a professional bodybuilder Phil Heath wife? Is he married??

Who is a professional bodybuilder Phil Heath wife? Is he married??

Phillip Jerrod Heath is an IFBB professional bodybuilder from the United States. From 2011 to 2017, he was a seven-time Mr. Olympia winner, having won the competition every year. Phil Heath has been married twice thus far. Shurie Heath is Phil Health wife since July 2017. Scroll down to know about Phil Health wife, married, wedding, relationship, ex-wife, and many more:

Who is Phil Heath wife Shurie Cremona? When did the couple marry? Their kids??

 Phil Heath wife
Phil Heath is with wife Shurie Cremona Source: Instagram

He is a happily married man. Shurie Cremona is Phil Health wife.  Shurie Heath is also a Fitness Promoter. She encourages her Instagram followers to be healthy, fit, and happy. Shurie will certainly revolutionize the fitness business with such inspirational posts. The couple married on July 25, 2017.She is a wonderful wife who is always keen to support. Shurie also appears to have influenced her husband Phil’s back-to-back victories in the bodybuilding industry.

The couple’s love has remained strong and loving through every setback and storm that life has thrown at them. On vacation, they make an effort to travel toge ther and spend quality time together. He posts beautiful photos with his wife and appears to have a great quality of life, thus the couple appears to be happy in their marriage. There is no information on whether she is expecting, but she may soon surprise her husband with the pregnancy news.

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Jennie Laxson is his previous wife; what is the reason for their divorce??

Phil was involved in a long-term marriage with his first wife Jennie Laxson, whom he married in June 2007.  Despite the constant spotlight upon him in his career, Heath has always successfully managed to keep his personal life away from the limelight. With a very low-key marriage lasting eight years, the two pursued separate journeys in life in 2015..They had no children together.

Laxson has recalled that Heath was very a supportive husband While she was going through all the treatments, Heath prayed for her good health and was always there when she needed him. Back then, Heath also had posted a confession on his official Facebook page about Laxson saying:

“I am posting this because my wife Laxson is battling with breast cancer from the past one week and our week has been filled with tears and tons of questions. Now she has been taking full care of her and is taking this down”. 

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