Metaverse: What It Is? When Will It Arrive? & How Will It Change Online Games?

Metaverse: What It Is? When Will It Arrive? & How Will It Change Online Games?

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. And nowadays, you no longer need to leave your house to go to that land-based casino you usually visit. Instead, through your mobile, PC, laptop, or tablet, you can enter this entertainment world at non-GamStop casinos as if in a physical gambling lounge. Yes, the same experience, but revamped, as there’s nothing like the convenience of playing your favourite non Gamstop slots or other casino game from home or wherever you are.

The coronavirus pandemic has revealed the great potential of digital platforms. Unfortunately, although they existed before this virus spread, people didn’t give them their deserved interest. Restrictions, distancing, and other types of physical barriers led to the search for alternatives to continue with the business, and this is the (successful) case experienced by online casinos.

More and more players are joining this virtual world because the operators know how to conquer their public: incredible welcome offers and other bonuses you would not find in a traditional casino. So naturally, nobody wants to pass up this opportunity!

But what comes after this? There is a lot of talk about future changes in the world of iGaming, and it is a field that is still being explored and where there are plenty of opportunities to grow. For example, one of the trends that have been talked about in recent times is the metaverse. This concept that, for some, still sounds utopian is getting closer, and as a user, you must be prepared for it.

Many Non-GamStop Casinos Are Interested in the Metaverse

It is enough to see the number of non-GamStop casinos that today include cryptocurrencies and electronic wallets within their payment options to realise that this industry is open to new changes. Of course, the metaverse has more than one interested and eager to see it set in motion.

Can you imagine your digital twin or avatar placing bets? It is already a reality. There is a platform called Decentraland, the first virtual world where users can attend concerts, make purchases, or even visit and gamble in casinos as if it were the real world.

Avatar & Cryptos

In the metaverse, everything works through an avatar. And the only way to enter this world is through a replica of you but in a digital version. Yeah, it sounds pretty crazy. To function in this world, you will need some purchasing power, as it happens in real life. You can’t access many services if you don’t have money. The same thing happens in the metaverse. And this is where cryptocurrencies appear, another typical concept of this disruptive world. 

In the metaverse, cryptocurrencies are the dominant currency. Ether and Mana (specific to Decentraland) are the most popular and used. The famous crypto casinos without GamStop are an example of how advanced the iGaming sector is regarding the use of cryptocurrencies.

Talking about non-GamStop casinos, you can play at FortuneJack, one of the best online casinos based solely on cryptocurrencies. So it wouldn’t be a surprise if it happened overnight to become a metaverse casino.

What Is the Metaverse?

Perhaps the first time you heard about this concept was when Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, decided to change his company’s name, and today it is known as “Meta”, alluding to the metaverse. But there are still many things that could be improved about this topic and its definition. 

This concept can be challenging to explain as it involves many new ideas. But, in simple words, the metaverse is a virtual world where people can work, play, socialise, and even sell products or services through digital twins. To give you a clearer idea about this world, we recommend you watch “Free Guy”, a movie starring Ryan Reynolds, where he demonstrates the actual world of the metaverse and the famous digital twins.


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