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Oliver Ripley net worth is in Billion. Only Billionaires can do these things…

Oliver Ripley is an international entrepreneur and serves as Habitas and Black Ocean Group’s chief executive officer. Ripley was born in the UK, and was educated at Eton College and University of Oxford. He is fluent in six different languages. The media and other sources already reported about his personal life issues like wedding and divorce in the same year and new relationship. Yes, besides his career and charities, he is busy with Brazilian model Sara, who is also a Victoria’s Secret model at current time. They are dating since 2015 after Oliver divorced his wife. If we talk about Oliver Ripley net worth then, this article will make you believe that, he is a billionaire at current time. Let’s read the full story…

Let’s talk about his Business from the beginning and his net worth

Oliver Ripley co-founded Ocean Group in 2005, a private investment company that creates long-term value-creating companies in high-growth industries. There he supervised the development of the European and Russian real-estate portfolio of the firm. Today, the company has offices in New York, London, Geneva and Moscow and is involved in a number of industries that boosted his net worth.

Oliver is also the founder and CEO of Black Ocean, the digital media business of the Ocean Group, which invests in, develops and operates technology companies worldwide. The multi-rich Oliver Ripley co-founded the company in 2010, and has evolved to have a wide international presence since then. Black Ocean is remarkable for its hands-on approach and close partnership with the businesses in which it invests.

Ripley is actively engaged in the hospitality market, in addition to business growth and technology investment. Ripley co-founded Habitas, a hospitality management company, in 2014, of which he is today’s CEO. The business aims to redefine the hotel experience by creating inspiring sustainable properties in outstanding locations, beginning in 2018 with its first property in Tulum, Mexico. Habitas organizes memorable experiences all over the world as well.

In the not-for-profit sector, Oliver is very involved. He co-founded Habitas Rise, a philanthropic initiative aimed at helping impacted communities worldwide through music , art, self-expression and community infrastructure. Recent ventures also included a close partnership with a refugee camp in Uganda.

Oliver also served as a member of the Board at Beespace, a non-profit incubator that helped launch a new wave of creative start-ups.

As per the sources, Oliver net worth in 2020 is more than a $50 million.

Oliver and his ex-wife Sued the hotel for robbery

After robbers broke into their room and stole their £51,000 watches, the millionaire British businessman Oliver and his supermodel ex-wife Jeisa Chiminazzo sued a luxury hotel in Miami.

Oliver Ripley and Jeisa Chiminazzo requested that the South Beach Marriott cough up $880,000 (£567,000) because when they shut it the door didn’t lock behind them.

The ex-couple said the security blunder meant robbers struck at the hotel when they were out celebrating the 30th birthday of Miss Chiminazzo.

The raiders stole a limited edition Audemars Piguet Women’s Royal Oak Offshore watch and a Jacob & Co. Brilliant Half Pave, which in 2015 was worth £ 25,500 each.

About Jacob & Co. Brilliant Half Pave that the robbers stole will warrant a high price; it has a set of white pearl mothers, diamonds on the dial, and a more diamond-set crown.

The Audemars Piguet Women’s Royal Oak Offshore Limited Edition is one of the worlds most sought after watches and US basketball star LeBron James has worn the male version. net worth

Mr. Ripley and Miss Chiminazzo pleaded for ‘punitive damages’ of $800,000 for the distress they suffered, plus the expense of the watches.

Ocean Sky Bombardier Challenger 604 private jet for James Bond (007)

James Bond settles for only the best, and so do his rich rivals. So, in Quantum of Solace, as they move to and from Austria, they fly a private Bombardier Challenger 604 jet from Ocean Sky. Ocean Sky is one of the leading private jet operators and jet centers specialized in chartering corporate jet and chartering aircraft.

The presence of Ocean Sky in Quantum of Solace was probably the film ‘s biggest sponsorship deal. The company lent five of its £ 100 million jets to EON Productions, which used for a week to carry the cast and crew out to Panama. Ocean Sky usually charges the planes £5,000 per hour, bringing the contract cost at about £600,000. In return Ocean Sky featured several times in the film.

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Let’s talk about Oliver’s Personal Life and some facts

At the very early age of eight, Oliver Ripley, who dreamed of being an actor, has since appeared in many Italian films. However, Habitas, a multinational hotel and hospitality business, is more likely to be known as the co-founder and CEO of the company.

Oliver Ripley wiki
Oliver Ripley is with his mother Source: Instagram

Oliver Ripley born in Frejus, France on 27 February 1983 and is best known for his role in movie Axis of Evil. Every year, his birthday falls on February 27th. He was born to parents where mother was an instructor in French and Latin, and his father was a pilot of Air France. He is a few inches taller than his girlfriend Sara, who is 1.73 m (5′ 8″) tall. Oliver is of French nationality and has mixed race.


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