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How Did Myron van Brederode’s Football Journey Begin? Contract and Salary

Myron van Brederode, a prominent player in the world of football, has been making significant strides in his career with AZ Alkmaar in the Eredivisie. Let’s explore key aspects of Myron van Brederode’s professional life based on the latest details available.

Myron van Brederode Contract and Salary Details

At 20 years old, Myron van Brederode stands out as a Left Wing player showcasing his talent on the field for AZ Alkmaar. His current contract with AZ Alkmaar is set to expire on June 30, 2027, with 4 years remaining and a gross salary of €1,200,000.

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 For the ongoing season of 2023-2024, Myron will earn a gross base salary of €300,000, amounting to approximately €5,769 per week. These figures underscore his value to the team and his potential for continued growth in the sport.

Myron van Brederode Career and Earnings

Myron van Brederode’s career trajectory highlights his dedication and skill as a professional footballer. With an approximate career gross earnings of €300,000. 

He has demonstrated his proficiency on the field and his commitment to achieving excellence in every game he plays. His contributions to AZ Alkmaar and his performance statistics position him as a player to watch in the competitive landscape of the Eredivisie.

Parents and Personal Background

While specific details about Myron van Brederode’s parents may not be readily available in the public domain, it’s evident that his support system and upbringing have played a pivotal role in shaping his journey in football.

The encouragement and guidance he has received likely fuel his passion for the sport and contribute to his success as a professional athlete.

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Myron van Brederode Height and Future Prospects

Myron van Brederode’s skills and quickness on the field tell eloquently about his playing abilities, even though his height is not noted. Myron’s young athletic potential bodes well for a bright future packed with big-stage possibilities.

Dutch professional footballer Myron van Brederode
Dutch professional footballer Myron van Brederode sources

Myron van Brederode’s story shows how hard work, perseverance, and talent are needed to achieve in football. Fans eagerly await his future achievements and contributions to the sport as he continues to impress with AZ Alkmaar and the field.


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