Monica Ruiz net worth, relationship, Wiki, body size, height, Parents, age

Everything you need to know about Peloton’s wife Monica Ruiz. Relationship, Age, Wiki, body size, height, net worth, career stats.

Monica Ruiz is an advertisement actress best known as Peloton’s wife in the cycling company’s latest announcement. Actress Monica plays the role in the stationary bike company’s holiday launch, which this week has caused controversy. Canadian actor and primary school teacher Sean Hunter played the role of Ruiz’s husband in the advertisement. In a TMZ story, Ruiz was first named on social networks and television, the commercial was poorly reviewed. Some even likened it to an episode of the “Black Mirror” horror/science fiction series. The commercial was viewed more than 3.3 million times when this article was written. So, how much she makes money, Monica Ruiz Net worth is?

Best for About a Child (2014), The Game (2006) and The Birthday Boys (2013), Monica Ruiz is an actress; since September 2013, she has been married to Christopher O’Malley. They’ve got two kids.

When was she born? And who are the parents of Ruiz?

Childhood picture of Monica Ruiz with her sisters.
Childhood picture of Monica Ruiz with her sisters.

Monica was born in the 80’s era to the dad Bill, who served as American Army and mother, who looked the three daughters at home. She grew up with two sisters Victoria and Rene. 


Father of Monica Ruiz
Father of Monica Ruiz

Happy Veterans Day to all the men and women who have served our country. My papa bill and dad looking sharp in uniform!


Monica Ruiz relationship, Wiki, body size, height, net worth, Parents
Monica with her mom

Thankful for my mom today and all she’s done for me and is now doing for all the grand kids. I’m even more thankful she no longer cuts my hair.

How tall is Monica? What is the body size of Ruiz? What is the age of Ruiz? Twitter account!

Monica is 37 years old now. Well, there are very details about her personal life and there are very less information about her in her Instagram account and not using Twitter. But as per she is an advertise actress, Monica Ruiz has 1.6 m tall and her body size is perfect for a model. As we know, she is the mother of two beautiful child, but still for her professional career, she is maintaining her figure size as perfect as she could.

Education background, College Degree

Monica graduated with a degree in sociology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She started modeling at high school, but she didn’t feel comfortable with her as a career until university. Ruiz worked at Manhattan Beach as a waitress. Ruiz was born in Redondo Beach.

Ruiz’s profile says she’s a talented player in basketball and volleyball. The profile says that since 2015, Ruiz has not appeared on TV. Ruiz has starred for Rent-A-Center, Lee Jeans and Herbal Essences in previously national advertisements. As well as Speedo and Target ads.

Peloton’s wife is a married mom-of-two who wanted to be a primary school teacher before she became a model and starred in the notorious company. So where is she now?

In 2009, Monica made her TV series debut in BET’s The Game season. She then went on to make guest appearances between 2014 and 2015 on several episodes.

NBC’s About a Child, TVLand’s The Exes, and Freeform’s Baby Daddy were among the shows she appeared on.

Ruiz shot the now notorious Peloton commercial at the beginning of September, called The Gift That Gives Back, in which she played a wife on Christmas morning receiving a stationary bike from her husband.

How she was interested in modeling? How Monica started to put herself into modeling career?

Monica Ruiz relationship, Wiki, body size, height, net worth, Parents, age
MOnica Ruiz Sisters as siblings. image Credit: instagram

In an interview, she said,

In high school, I was approached to do some modeling for a girls’ clothing catalog. I liked it, but in front of the camera, I was very shy. It wasn’t until college that I decided I should have pursued it more because of the great opportunities to travel and meet so many different types of people. I wanted to give it another shot, and I knew that when I was older I would regret it if I didn’t.

Just because modeling a girl doesn’t mean she’s dumb. The one thing that scares me off about this business is the fact that, as you are five years old, somebody will speak to you once in a while. I am a graduate of the university, and I have much more common sense than many of these people would think. Modeling is not eternal. You have to have a financial plan for the future, and mine is not about getting married to a rich man. Sure, the wealthy would be great, but for money, I could never trust any guy (except of course my father— kidding!).

Relationship with Christopher

MONICA P RUIZ & CHRISTOPHER O’MALLEY is a married couple. Still, as we know, there are very few information about there wedding days and how they got married. Even there are no pictures about their weddings. But they married at HERMOSA BEACH, CA on September 21, 2013.

Monica and her husband Christopher is now became a parents. They welcomed two kids by 2017.

What is the Monica Ruiz Net worth?

Monica Ruiz partner, Bio, body figure, tall, net worth
Monica Ruiz enjoying the trip.

Well, there is no fix amount of a model if she has a lot of contract advertisements on every steps. But as she appeared in movies and tv shows and now as a advertisement actress, Monica Ruiz Net worth is not less than $2 million till now. because of her expensive tours to Europe and other continents, it looks luxury trip with family.


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