Who is Millie Bright's husband/partner? Are they married? relationship

Who is Millie Bright’s husband/partner? Are they married? relationship

England Lioness captain, Millie Bright, has been making waves on the football field, and off the pitch, her personal life is just as exciting. Today, we turn the spotlight on the man who has brightened up Millie’s life – her fiancé, Levi Crew.

Who is Millie Bright’s Fiancé, Levi Crew? 

Millie Bright husband will be Levi Crew in the near future. Levi Crew is a performance coach, nutritionist, and personal trainer hailing from America. He crossed paths with Millie Bright as early as 2020, bonding over their shared passion for fitness and health.

Despite the pandemic-induced distance, their relationship blossomed, and Levi is now based in the UK with Millie. The couple shares a home together in Surrey, along with their two adorable French Bulldogs, Zeus and Hera.

Millie Bright with her Fiancé, Levi Crew
Millie Bright with her Fiancé, Levi Crew sources Instagram

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Levi’s influence on Millie extends beyond their shared living space. In a testament to their deep connection, Millie sports a tattoo of Levi’s eye on her left forearm, accompanied by half a tiger. “It’s my partner’s eye and half a tiger, my core strength with me through thick and thin,” she told SunSport about the inking.

When did Millie Bright and Levi Crew get engaged?

The year 2023 was a milestone year for the couple. While Millie was part of the Lioness squad at the Women’s World Cup and went all the way to the final, her personal life took a joyous turn when Levi proposed to her during their Christmas holiday. Millie shared the happy news on Instagram, showing off her stunning ring in a series of photos taken on their break to Mauritius.

What statements have Levi Crew and Millie Bright made about one another on social media?

Millie often gives her followers insights into her relationship with Levi, sharing adorable pictures and referring to him as her “king”. She has also referred to Levi as her “reason why,” captioning a series of pictures with: “Find your reason why and you can conquer anything.”

Millie Bright with her sweetheart
Millie Bright with her sweetheart sources Instagram

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Levi, too, often makes appearances on Millie’s Instagram and has given his partner a sweet shout out amid the Women’s World Cup. Alongside a picture of himself and Millie, he wrote: “I think proud is an understatement! What a job you have done this tournament!”

Who was Millie’s previous boyfriend before Levi?

Before Levi, Millie was in a relationship with Jordan Bird who works at the famous Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club. The couple split some time before Millie began dating Levi.

Levi Crew isn’t just the man behind the Lioness – he’s a pillar of support and a loving partner who stands by Millie Bright, come rain or shine. Their relationship is a testament to their shared love for sport, their dedication to their professions, and their unwavering support for each other.


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