Youtuber Max Fosh net worth in billion: girlfriend, votes

Youtuber Max Fosh net worth in billion: girlfriend, votes

Maximilian Arthur “Max” Fosh aka Max Fosh, formerly known as StreetSmart, is an English comedy YouTuber and former radio presenter. Initially, his channel was dedicated to a web series in which he interviewed university students and passersby. In 2021, Max contested as an independent candidate in the London mayoral election. Max came 19th out of 20 and received 1.2% of the votes. We’re sure you’re eager to learn more about his personal life, right? So, today, we’ll bring you all of the information on him, Max Fosh net worth, girlfriend, votes, and so on:

Max Fosh net worth: How did Max Fosh become the wealthiest man? 

Max Fosh net worth
Youtuber sensation Max Fosh with silver YouTube Creator Awards Source: Instagram

The big question is, how much is Max Fosh net worth?  Fosh is a YouTube sensation who has successfully expanded his career into politics, business, and other fields. Max earns money through his YouTube channels, Google AdSense, modeling, sponsorships, paid promotion, affiliate marketing, and business. His YouTube channel is @MaxFosh, and he has over 1.5 million subscribers. He earns $1.33K per month from his channel. Fosh earns about $1.21 per 1000 views.

In 2017, Fosh began uploading videos to YouTube. He was only a Hecto millionaire for the first two years, but he is now a millionaire in 2022, thanks to his earnings from YouTube. He earned more than USD 735,00 and 596,00 GBP from YouTube. His net worth is hidden because he has multiple sources of income, so we cannot determine his true net worth.

Was the Youtuber Fosh the richest man on earth?

Max claimed to be the wealthiest man in the world for 7 minutes in February 2022. This was due to his establishing and registering Unlimited Money Limited, issuing 10 billion shares, and selling one share for £50. As a result, Max is technically able to value his company at £500 billion.

Max released a video titled “I Became A Member Of The Royal Family For 43 Minutes” in May 2022, where he marries a descendant of James II. As a result, he could technically claim to be a United Kingdom Royal Family member. In May 2022, Max convinced one of YouTube’s founders, Chad Hurley, to subscribe to his YouTube channel. Max offered Chad two Damien Hirst-signed Coke cans for a handshake and a subscription to his YouTube channel.

His career before fame

Before starting his YouTube channel, Max worked at Radio Tyneside, a hospital radio station. He won the ‘Best Newcomer Award’ at the 2016 National Hospital Radio Awards. He was nominated for ‘Best Male Presenter’ at the 2018 National Hospital Radio Awards during his time at the radio station.

In October of his final year at Newcastle University 2017, he began uploading the first episode of his StreetSmart series to his YouTube channel. StreetSmart was a television interview show. Max had the idea while still working in radio, was interested in presenting, and wanted to get into TV and video.

Max Fosh London Mayor results: How many votes did Fosh get?

Fosh announced his candidacy for the 2021 London Mayoral Election in March 2021. His goal was to get young people to vote in elections (he has a large young audience). Max finished 19th out of 20 with 1.2% of the vote. Another well-known YouTuber, Niko Omilana, ran for mayor of London in 2021. 

Awards and achievements

Max was chosen from over 200 stations to receive the “Best Newcomer Award” at the 2016 National Hospital Radio Awards. In addition, he was nominated for ‘Best Male Presenter’ at the 2018 ceremony.

Max girlfriend: Is the young Youtuber dating or in a relationship?

Loving fans of Fosh will be relieved to learn that their favorite star is still unmarried.Fosh was rumored to be dating a girl after posting photos with a woman named Serena Hughson on Instagram. However, whether they are dating or not has not been made public, and both have remained silent on the subject. On NOVEMBER 28, 2018, he shared photos of himself with Serena with the caption:

We went swimming in Brighton. On a Tuesday. Because of a stupid tradition!

Fosh adores his family, particularly his younger sister, Talitha Fosh. On his social media platforms, he frequently shares photos of her and memories with her.


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