What is New England Patriots Matthew Slater’s Net worth?

What is New England Patriots Matthew Slater’s Net worth?

Matthew Slater, a longtime member of the New England Patriots, announced that he was retiring from football on Tuesday, February 20th. Throughout his illustrious 16-season NFL journey, he helped the Patriots to lift the Super Bowl trophy three times, all under the guidance of former New England head coach Bill Belichick.

Celebrity Net Worth reports that Slater’s net worth stands at $13 million upon his retirement. Without a lot of high-profile endorsement deals, Slater primarily amassed that net worth from his NFL salary. According to Spotrac, Slater garnered a total of $30,078,710 in career earnings across his 16-year tenure in the league. This sum includes $18,885,000 in salary, $6.83 million in signing bonuses, $2,370,214 in roster bonuses, $538,721 in workout bonuses, and $1,454,775 in incentives.

Initially starting as a wideout, Slater eventually ascended to become the Patriots’ special teams captain, leaving an indelible mark on the field with Belichick being a huge proponent of special teams helping to win games. For much of Belichick’s tenure, the patriots were Super Bowl favorites in the eyes of Massachusetts sportsbooks. Thanks to players like Slater, the Patriots fulfilled those expectations on multiple occasions.

In his retirement message, Slater said: “I have given all that I possibly can to respect and honor the game. Though it is time for my relationship with the game to evolve, the love I have for it will last a lifetime. In 2008, I came here as a young man with hopes and dreams. In 2024, I can retire knowing this experience has exceeded any hope or dream I ever had.”

Matthew Slater’s Career By the Numbers

Slater was drafted by the New England Patriots in the fifth round of the 2008 NFL draft following his impressive four-year stint at UCLA.

Although initially listed as a receiver on New England’s roster, Slater’s offensive contributions were limited. He had just one reception for 46 yards throughout his regular season career.

However, he quickly established himself as a key player on special teams, amassing 191 tackles and forcing one fumble across 239 games. Additionally, he showcased his versatility with 637 return yards on 35 attempts, including one return touchdown.

Throughout his NFL tenure, Slater earned 10 Pro Bowl selections, five First-team All-Pro nods, and three Second-team All-Pro selections. In 2017, he was given the Bart Starr Award for character and received the 2021 Art Rooney Award for his excellent sportsmanship. Of course, no award or amount of money can measure up to the three Super Bowls he won with the Patriots, serving as the highlight for Slater’s exceptional career.


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