Who is the charming actor Lorenzo Zurzolo wife? net worth and baby

Who is the charming actor Lorenzo Zurzolo wife? net worth and baby

Lorenzo Zurzolo is a young Italian actor noted for his roles in films and Netflix programs, as well as his large Instagram following. His role as ‘Niccolo Rossi Govender’ in the Netflix original Baby earned him accolades. Continue reading to learn more about Lorenzo Zurzolo wife, net worth, baby, height, family, and relationship.

Who is Lorenzo Zurzolo wife? Does he have baby?

Lorenzo Zurzolo is now single and working towards his career goals. For his dedication to a professional career, he has received various prizes and medals. He appears to be far too preoccupied with his work to be interested in dating. Despite his impressive credentials, he looks to be single and entirely focused on his profession, According to Lorenzo Zurzolo wife.

Lorenzo Zurzolo wife
Lorenzo Zurzolo is with his friend Source; Instagram

He was, however, linked to Carolina Cannizzaro, a woman his age. Nonetheless, things between the two didn’t work out, and they separated ways. Not to mention that Cannizzaro was rumored to be Zurzolo’s fiancee (fidanzata). He frequently shares photos of himself with his female co-stars on social media. We’ll keep you updated if there’s any news on his love life.

How did he start his professional career?

Lorenzo began acting when he was seven years old, when he auditioned for a commercial. He was so taken with the event that he requested his parents for permission to keep acting. Decameron di Daniele Luttazzi was his debut TV show, in which he had a minor role. Throughout high school, he continued to act in commercials, presentations, and plays. With a tiny group, he began learning theatre at the age of 14.

Young Lorenzo was given the opportunity to appear in three plays while he was there. He claims that he grew up on sets, which aided in his development as an actor. When he played Niccolo Govender Rossi in the 2018 Italian series Baby, he reached the pinnacle of his career. This Netflix original series is about elite high school life and the scandalous secrets that go along with it. This show aired for three seasons, from November 2018 to September 2020, attracting millions of viewers around the world.

How much is his net worth? What is his salary?

Lorenzo Zurzolo net worth
Lorenzo Zurzolo is with his stunning look Source; Instagram

Zurzolo is expected to have a net worth of $500K by 2022. His average compensation is expect to be $50,000 USD. Zurzolo has amassed sufficient wealth in Italy for a comfortable luxury lifestyle at the age of 20. With his talent and hard effort, he will undoubtedly improve the figures significantly in the days ahead. He has amassed his overall net worth during the course of his career.

This attractive guy has won multiple honors for his acting brilliance since he was a child. For his 2017 film ‘Sconnessi,’ he received the renowned ‘Leopoldo Trieste Prize’ at the prestigious Reggio Calabria Film Festival. He received the Magna Grecia Awards for Best Acting Reveal in 2020. In the Giffoni film festival 2020, he receive the Explosive talent honors, which are grant to upcoming Italian artists. He also received an unique award called Astro Nascente Italian Cinema at Italy’s prestigious Golden Graal Award.

Lorenzo wiki: early life, parents, education, nationality and age

On March 21, 2000, he turned 22 years old in the town of Lazio, which is located in central Rome, Italy’s capital. Federico, his father, is a journalist and the former director of Radio 1. Similarly, Gabroia, his mother, owns and operates a production company. Ludovica Zurzolo, his six-year-old sister, is his other sibling. He has described his childhood as happy in several interviews. Lorenzo had the freedom to do new activities and meet intriguing people in Rome, which is a busy and exciting city.

He was a gregarious individual who enjoyed meeting new people. Because his parents were usually away at work, his sister was responsible for most of his upbringing. Zurzolo, likewise, finished high school at the prestigious Convitto Nazionale Vittorio Emanuele II in Rome. He was a huge fan of Japanese anime and superhero movies as a kid. Action films, such as ‘Dragon Ball,’ were among his favorites. 


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