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Kylie Rae Musics, Death, Concert, Net worth, Bio

On September 4, 2019, when she was murdered in a three-car accident, Harris was in Taos for a September 5th night concert at the Big Barn Dance Music Festival in Michael Hearne.

She was at the age of 30. The office of the Taos County Sheriff informed the Associated Press that two riders-a 30-year-old woman and a 16-year-old boy-had been murdered and the third driver had fled accident on State Road 522. Alcohol is suspected of being a factor in the accident.

Short Bio about Kylie Rae

Kylie Rae was an actress and also seen in Troubadour, TX in 2011. If we talk about her personal life then, Kylie was born in 1969 in USA. She was living with her parents but she had a sister with whom she raised.

She was very active on Instagram and shares her life moments with everyone from Instagram posts. From social media, Kylie shares that she had a baby girl name Corbie which is February 25, 2013 But she never put her husband or partner’s photo on social media. Maybe the couple split or she just not want to share her news on negatively.

kylie shares about her mom dad and sister’s picture and also about her tours and vacations.

Net Worth of Kyile Rae

We all knew that she was an actress and music girl as well. She sang so many songs from she began. From her account, Kylie Rae had around $1 million as net worth which is from her professional life. She used to drove her own car and went on tours and vacations.

Before Car Accident and after Concert

She published a touching post about Taos in pictures on her Instagram Story hours before Harris crashed her vehicle. “I’m fine, I feel like a mess. It’s because I cried. It’s a pleasant scream. I’ve just reached Taos, NM. But for those of you who don’t understand, I spent the last twenty years of my childhood with my father, my siblings, my relatives living here, my grandpa still lives here. Literally, everyone here, except my grandpa, including my father, has passed away, “she wrote.

“Today riding these roads— I’ve been riding for 12 hours — you’d believe it’s so exhausting and boring… And remembering my position in the back seat, and I began to get really sad,” she stated.

Kylie Rae’s Music

Big Ol’ Heartache

Kylie Rae Harris – EP · 2019

Twenty Years from Now

Kylie Rae Harris – EP · 2019

Waited Taking It Back · 2013

What the Heart Wants

Kylie Rae Harris – EP · 2019

I’d Rather Be Lonely

Taking It Back · 2013

Slide Over

Taking It Back · 2013


Kylie Rae Harris – EP · 2019

Don’t Let the Walls Fall Yet

Kylie Rae Harris – EP · 2019

Sticks and Stones

Taking It Back · 2013

Sly Alligator

Taking It Back · 2013


Taking It Back · 2013

Run Away

Kylie Rae Harris – EP · 2019


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