Detail talk about Kelly Lee Owens wit her New Album | Kelly Owens wiki

Detail talk about Kelly Lee Owens wit her New Album

Kelly Lee Owens is a Welsh Musician, Writer, Producer, and Artist who after years of being involved in the London music scene she released her self-titled debut album in March, 2017. This article will take you to the tour of Kelly Lee Owens biography.

Kelly Owens is very excited with her second album, ‘Inner Song’ which is released in August 28, 2020.

Kelly Owens wiki

Kelly Lee Owens biography
Kelly Lee Owens at her home.

Born and raised in Wales, she’d been involved in music since Owens was a young girl. As a young child, Owens’ childhood included joining in choruses and learning how to play bass and drums.

The Wales born Kelly Lee Owens. As a girl, Owens remembers writing poetry and that being out in nature gave her time and isolation to compose. She sang in her school choir as a teenager and performed bass and drums.

Owens moved from Wales to Manchester at the age of 19, to work in a hospital for cancer care. Owens will be using her paid leave and serving as an emergency nurse to help manage local music festivals. In the end it was the patients who encouraged her to follow her musical career.

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Work for Kelly in Pandemic era

After moving to London, she worked for various record stores. Years later she would be an auxiliary nurse in a cancer ward in Manchester before quitting to complete her album and dedicate more time to her music.

For Kelly Owens, however, the biggest loss was “the loss of self. It was hard to reckon with and took a lot of energy from me,” she says. “When you’re going through those dark, gritty times, you’re focused on surviving. You can’t thrive if you’re just focused on trying to get through the next day. Had to do the work, go to therapy, to help me understand how I’d ended up in this space. Just to go in and undo the knots.” It’s important to make clear that it’s an ongoing process; “it’s not like ‘yeah, I’m fixed now’. We do the best we can, but let’s go in and deal with our own pain”.

“Even without this pandemic, I didn’t feel like I was doing enough and that comes from a background of helping people that really need help,” she says, having keen a playlist to care workers.

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Kelly Owens talks about her new album “Inner Song”

Kelly Lee Owens’ latest album ‘Inner Song’ is out now. You can play here. If we talk about her first album “Kelly Lee Owens” released in 2017, according to Kelly Lee Owens biography.

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I’m completely blown away by all the love ‘Inner Song’ is receiving. Thank you!

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She hopes the playlist “provides a sonic space for them to connect, unwind, feel held in, feel safe and know that one person is thinking about them and hoping and wishing that they find peace and can relax”. But, humble as ever, Owens is quick to play down its positive impact. “It’s only a small thing, but I think a lot of stress is semantic and we store it in our body. And I believe sound can have a real transformative effect on the body and psyche. I really think music has the power to do that.”

Her affection and interest for the environment shines through across ‘Inner Song’, too. ‘Melt!’, a climate crisis call-to-action, is her way of “letting nature speak for itself”, while the moving strings on optimistic closer ‘Wake-Up’ personify the earth crying out beneath synths that represent “the distractions of modern technology. I could hear the earth’s sorrow,” she reflects. “It made me cry”.

Music career from early age

At the age of 21 years old, she moved to London where she would spent the next few years of her life involved the indie music scene. She was in a Sonic Youth inspired indie rock band, History of Apple Pie.

She later collaborated with other musicians: Daniel Avery and James Greenwood (aka Ghost Culture) and Erol Alkan – all of whom would become her mentors in different of aspects of music.

In 2009, Owens left her job as an emergency nurse at a Manchester oncology ward to pursue music. She moved to London, was interned at XL Records, and worked in many record stores including Pure Groove. Owens played bass in the indie rock band The Tale of Apple Pie at that period.

Owens met Daniel Avery, James Greenwood (aka “Ghost Culture”), and Erol Alkan during those early days in London. At the now-closed Groove Pure, Avery and Greenwood, with whom she staffed the counter, took her to the studio and introduced her to music software and Greenwood offered to be her sound engineer. Later on, Avery would invite her to work on her album Drone Logic in 2013. A year later Owens released Oleic EP, in 2016.

Kelly Lee Owens career

The Norwegian label Smalltown Supersound released her self-titled album Kelly Lee Owens in March 2017. She later released a bonus cut from her album called “Spaces” in 2017. Kelly Lee Owens’ second hit, “Arthur,” is a tribute to the late Arthur Russell. Before the release of the studio album Alexander McQueen used the track “Arthur” for her fall 2016 fashion show. Avery has credit for co-writing on “Keep Walking” and Jenny Hval appears on ‘Anxi.”

Owens partnered with Saint Vincent, whose single, “New York,” she remixed from his album Masseduction. She also worked with Björk on her EP dedicated to her album Utopia’s remix of “Arisen my senses.”

The music of Owens was described as ‘dream pop’ and ‘techno pop’ and ‘folk-pop.’ She shared interest in the connection between music and healing. Pitchfork said in 2017 that she was planning an exhibit on “the connection between sound, healing and resonant frequencies.”

This was the latest Kelly Lee Owens biography… Hope you enjoy knowing about the beautiful and talent singer.


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