German-Belgian footballer Kathrin Hendrich partner, salary, freund, age & height

German-Belgian footballer Kathrin Hendrich partner, salary, freund, age & height

Kathrin Julia Hendrich is a footballer from Germany and Belgium. She is a defender for VfL Wolfsburg as well as the German national team. Hendrich was born in East Belgium’s German-speaking border region and began playing soccer in a boys’ team at FC Eupen in 1963. The 30-year-old signed VfL Wolfsburg from league rivals FC Bayern München in 2020 till 2024. She has been in a long-term relationship with Sebastian Griesbeck. Come down to learn more about Kathrin Hendrich partner, salary, freund, family, age and height, and other details:

Who is Kathrin Hendrich partner/freund Sebastian Griesbeck? His wiki & net worth

 Kathrin Hendrich partner/freund
Kathrin Hendrich with partner/freund Sebastian Griesbeck Source: Instagram

She is a loving and long term relationship with Sebastian Griesbeck. Kathrin Hendrich partner Sebastian Griesbeck  is a German professional footballer who plays as a defensive midfielder for 2. Bundesliga team Greuther Fürth. Griesbeck played in the 2. Bundesliga for 1. FC Heidenheim before joining Bundesliga team Union Berlin on a free transfer in July 2020. He was born on October 3, 1990, in Ulm, Germany, and is now 31 years old.

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Griesbeck, a DM for Greuther Fürth, makes £6,600 per week and £343,200 per year. Sebastian Griesbeck has an estimated net worth of £1,994,200. Sebastian Griesbeck was born in Germany and is 30 years old. His current contract runs out on June 30, 2023.

When did they start dating?

Kathrin first posted a photo with Sabasti an in April 2018, implying that the couple began dating in April 2018. Since then, the couple has shared numerous images of themselves wishing each other happy birthdays, Valentine’s Day, spending quality time together, and traveling to new places. On OCTOBER 15, 2021, she posted a photo with her boyfriend with the caption:🥰

They’ve been together for four years, and their love is as strong as ever. They were always flaunting their love on social media. Despite this, there have been no reports of the pair fighting or breaking up in public, so it’s safe to believe they’re doing OK in private. It’ll be interesting to see if these two’s wedding bells start ringing soon.

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Why did Kathrin Hendrich choose Germany over Belgium?

Kathrin Hendrich is caught in the middle of two worlds. When Germany international Kathrin Hendrich takes the field against Belgium in Aachen in 2020, she will face a friend rather than a foe on the other side of the pitch.
She moved to Germany in 2009, joining Bayer Leverkusen of the second division Bundesliga. The defender had her first experience of top-flight football when the club was promoted in 2010. Her accomplishments drew interest from both the Belgian and German national teams.

“Because of my story, my dual nationality, I have a special connection to Belgium,” Hendrich said. “That’s why the game will be special for me.”

The defender has no regrets in choosing Germany over her country of birth. 

“I don’t regret deciding to play for Germany,” she said. “I’ve now been here for many years and I feel good here. This is a very strong team with a lot of young players that have huge potential, not to mention the seasoned and experienced players. It’s an interesting mix. My decision was nothing against Belgium.”

Kathrin Hendrich salary & net worth: How much does she make per match? Contract

Hendrich’s football talent and hard work have garnered him a lot of money and fame. The attractive footballer has also accumulated a substantial fortune through game prize money, endorsements, and collaborations. Kathrin Hendrich net worth is 1 Million Euro. She is now a defender for VfL Wolfsburg and the German national team. Germany defender Kathrin salary is estimated to be up to €10,000 per month.

In 1963, she joined FC Eupen’s boys’ team and began playing soccer. Because she quickly proved to be a tremendous talent, the daughter of a Belgian mother and a German father had to choose which national team she wanted to play for – and she chose the DFB team. After participating in various DFB youth selection teams, the defensive all-rounder made her national team debut on March 5, 2014, under national coach Silvia Neid, and has since been a member of the extended DFB squad. She played in the Bundesliga for Bayer Leverkusen, 1. FFC Frankfurt, Bayern Munich, and, starting in 2020, VfL Wolfsburg.

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According  to Forbes, the German Football Association has yet to agree to equal play for its men’s and women’s national team players. Women’s tournament winners will receive $61,000, while men’s tournament winners might receive a whopping $407,000.

GERMANY vs. FRANCE: If Germany wins, each member of the women’s squad will receive €60,000 ($61,000), a fraction of the €400,000 ($407,000) awarded to their male counterparts during the men’s Euro competition last year.


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