What happened in Julius Jones case? justice and arrested (update)

What happened in Julius Jones case? justice and arrested (update)

Julius Darius Jones, aka Julius Jones, was a 19-year-old University of Oklahoma student when he charged with the murder of 45-year-old businessman Paul Howell. On Thursday, November 18, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt commuted the execution sentence of the old prisoner Jones, who sentenced to death in 2002. Scroll down to learn more about Julius Jones case, justice, and arrest.

Why did Julius Jones get arrested? 

When Howell shot in his 1997 GMC Suburban less than 20 miles from Jones’ home in 1999, Jones arrested and charged with murder. In December 2019, Howell’s attorney Dale Baich told OU Daily that the gunman was “a black male wearing a stocking cap” with “half an inch of hair hanging out.”

Julius Jones arrest
Julius Jones is with his cute smile Source: Instagram

Jones and a high school basketball teammate, Christopher Jordan, were identified as the alleged carjacking murderers by three suspects interviewed by Edmonton Police. He sentenced to death and 40 years in jail in 2002 despite the lack of evidence linking him to Howell’s murder. Jones’ case has been stained by racial discrimination, according to advocates for him. Jordan was the state’s major witness against him, According to Julius Jones case.

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Jones broke down in tears because of wrongful conviction


Jones’ case has been brought back into the spotlight by Kim Kardashian, years after it had faded from the news. She paid Jones a visit in jail in November 2020, a little more than a year after bringing attention to his case on Twitter. On Instagram, the reality TV personality shared photographs from her journey to Oklahoma, revealing that she spoke with Jones’ mother, Madeline, and his family at a Baptist church the same day.

Jones “came down in tears” when he lamented not being able to take his sister Antoinette to prom because of his unfair conviction, according to the criminal justice advocate. “I’m very glad for the most supporting freedom warriors for Julius Jones,” she wrote in the description of her photo.

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When did Jones file for clemency?

Jones is still being held in the Oklahoma State Penitentiary. After exhausted all of his chances to avoid the death penalty, he appealed for clemency in October 2019. “As God is my testimony, I am not involve in any way in the actions that result in Paul Howell being shot and kill,” his clemency report state, according to OU Daily. “I have spent the past 20 years on death row for a crime I did not commit, did not witness, and was not at.”

Oklahoma government reduced death sentence of Jones to life imprisonment


On Thursday, Oklahoma’s governor decided to spare Julius Jones’ life, only hours before his scheduled execution, which had sparked global outrage and protests due to concerns about his culpability in the murder of a businessman more than 20 years ago.

Jones’ death sentence reduced to life imprisonment by Governor Kevin Stitt. He supposed to be execute at 4 p.m. “After deep deliberation and study of information submitted by all parties in this case, I have decided to commute Julius Jones’ sentence to life in prison without the possibility of parole,” Stitt said in a statement.

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Julius Jones celebrated after the decision made

When the ruling revealed just after noon Thursday, a gathering of Jones’ supporters inside the Oklahoma Capitol burst in clapping and cheers, while more than 100 supporters gathered outside the prison in McAlester erupted in cheers. “Today is a day to rejoice. “It’s a day to honor all the people who have come together to fight for Julius,” Jones’ spiritual adviser, Rev. Keith Jossell, said.

Jones’ mother expressed her thanks in a statement posted on Thursday. “I’ve been torture by the thought of witnessing my baby boy die in an execution chamber for a murder that occurred while he at home with his family for over twenty years,” Madeline Davis-Jones said. “I still believe Julius’ incarceration is an injustice, and I will never stop speaking up for him or working for his release.” But this is a good day, and Governor Stitt deserves credit for that.”

Julius’ story also featured on a 2020 podcast episode


Jones featured in the first season of The Last Defense, an American documentary series that investigates and exposes problems in the American judicial system, which premiered in 2018. The Jones episodes focused on evidence that Jones’ co-defendant Christopher Jordan’s attorneys failed to submit in court.

Kim Kardashian and Stephen Curry have expressed their support for Jones after the documentary aired, and Kardashian even paid a visit to him in prison. Jones’ story also featured on a Kardashian-hosted podcast in 2020 and a James Corden-hosted episode of The Late Late Show in 2021. Jones appeared on an episode of 20/20 titled The Last Defense: Julius Jones – A Special Edition of 20/20 on July 15, 2020.

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