Jonathon and Charlotte net worth, relationship, wiki, career

Jonathon and Charlotte net worth, relationship, wiki, career

Jonathon and Charlotte are famous for their bond that they showed in ” Britain Got Talent”. They both were teens (17 and 16 respectively) when they got their fame. They were beaten by dancing dog act Ashleigh and Pudsey in the sixth series of Britain’s Got Talent in 2012 and became runner-up. Collectively, the friends received ! million pound by Simon Cowell for his record. The journey towards music started after the show. the duo separated in 2014 and started their separate career. Come down to know more Jonathon and Charlotte net worth, relationship, wiki, career and many more:

Jonathon and Charlotte net worth

Charlotte Jaconelli net worth is about $1.5 million. She started her career as a singer at the age of 16 in ” Britain Got Talent” which gave her fame. The singer has also recorded her solo music from 2014 to present. Talking about her social media, lady is quite active in her social media and posts about different happening of her life. She has about 19. 8k followers in her Instagram account where she posts about different shows and her ongoing personal and career life. similarly, her twitter account has about 16,2k followers and Facebook page has about 28k followers.

Jonathon Antoine and Charlotte Jaconelli Source: getsurry

Whereas, Jonathon Antoine net worth is about $5 million. Music is his main source of income. His songs have topped the music charts of UK. Talking about his social media status, Jonathon has about 18.8k followers in his Instagram where he updates his daily work, 97k followers in his Facebook page and 18k followers in his twitter account with about 33k tweets.

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Relationship- Jonathon relationship and Charlotte relationship

Charlotte Jaconelli has not dated any one till now. She has kept her personal life very private. Besides, her work her family status and works are kept secret by her. We will soon update you guys once we get any information about Charlotte Jaconelli relationship.

On the other hand, Jonathon Antoine is dating a girl from Canada, Michelle Doucet. They met each other through web chat service and their relation gets stronger day by day. Jonathon praises about his girlfriend and also refers her as source of inspiration for his career.

Wiki/ Bio of Charlotte and Jonathon

Charlotte Jaconelli was born in 24, August 1995. The personal information of Charlotte Jaconelli is yet to be reveled by her. The parents of Charlotte Jaconelli divorced when she was 10. After that she doesn’t likes to talk about her parents. We will update soon about her parents and siblings. The actress completed her studies from West Watch High School. Jonathon and Charlotte were best friends since 2006 who is her partner.

While, Jonathon Antoine is the son of John Antoine, who was a police officer and Tracy Antoine, who was a house wife. He completed his high schooling from West Watch High School and later joined Royal academy of Music to pursue his Career.

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Charlotte and Jonathon Career

Their debut appearance on Britain’s Got Talent was in the Series 6 audition in London on March 24, 2012. They started the competition as “Charlotte and Jonathan” and sang “The Prayer.” Despite the fact that all of the judges were blown away by the performance. Instantly they were offered $1 million by Simon Cowell for his record. Together they made two songs, Together in 2012, Perhaps love in 2013. The duo got separated in the year 2014 when they got offer from Sony for separate music videos.

Jonathon Antoine and Charlotte Jaconelli
Jonathon Antoine and Charlotte Jaconelli during ” BGT” Source: Smoothradio

Before seperation they said. ” For those that voted for us, bought our CDs and saw us in concert – thank you. We hope to see you soon at our own shows. Love Jonathan and Charlotte.”

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