Who is 3 Body Problem actor, John Bradley loves life and girlfriend? bio

Who is 3 Body Problem actor, John Bradley loves life and girlfriend? bio

John Bradley West is an English actor, best known for his role as Samwell Tarly in the HBO fantasy TV series Game of Thrones. Bradley is a star of the brand-new Netflix sci-fi drama series “3 Body Problem.” His character, Jack Rooney, is a brazen young working-class man who abandons school to become a snack food tycoon. In addition to “3 Body Problem,” Bradley has been working on other initiatives. Along with starring opposite Jennifer Lopez in the romantic comedy “Marry Me” and Roland Emmerich’s Moonfall, he recently wrapped up filming for the Netflix series. Apart from his professional life, his fans are curious to know about his love life. Is he in a romantic relationship? If yes, then who is that lucky girl? So today in this article we talk about his sweetheart partner, girlfriend, net worth, parents, and many more.

Who is John Bradley’s wife/girlfriend? Is he married? relationship

The English actor John Bradley, who is most known for playing Samwell Tarly in the television series Game of Thrones, is presently seeing Rebecca April May. They have been dating since July 2017 but have not yet disclosed their intentions to wed or have children. Bradley is single and has no children. He has never been married.

It’s interesting to note that Bradley and Rebecca May fell in love after she gave him a job interview for Game of Thrones. As their bond deepened and their passion and energy expanded, they fell in love. Even though they have been dating for years and have not openly addressed getting married, they still have a close relationship that is based on love and shared experiences.

On June 20, 2022, Glamour Buff shared a photo along with the caption: ‘Game of Thrones’ star John Bradley first met his girlfriend Rebecca May during their interview. And now they’ve been together for almost five years. Read more!

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May, a pop culture writer and broadcaster, has supported Bradley at several important events, such as the New York premiere of Game of Thrones. Their shared appreciation and support have been hallmarks of their journey together.

John Bradley Family: Who are his parents? siblings 

We all know that family members are important in everyone’s life. Every single person in a family has a certain function to fullfill. Everyone encourages each other when family members succeed in life. Parents, above all, are the most important in ensuring the success of their children by supporting them at every step of the way.

John Bradley with his mother
John Bradley with his mother sources Instagram

He grew up as a Catholic in the Wythenshawe district of south Manchester. John has not openly shared any details about his parents in interviews or on social media. His family life is something he would rather keep private and his acting job his primary focus.

John Bradley with his lovely sister
John Bradley with his lovely sister sources Instagram

The names of his parents remain private, undisclosed to the public. John has an older sister, affectionately nicknamed “Em”, who is 13 years older than him.

When and where was John Bradley born? Age, education, ethnicity, and nationality

John Bradley was born on September 15, 1988 in Wythenshawe, Manchester, England, United Kingdom. As of now, John Bradley is 35 years old. John Bradley’s ethnicity is primarily English, with a connection to his maternal side from northside Dublin. He holds British nationality.

In his early years, he went to St. Paul’s Roman Catholic High School. Afterwards, he attended Loreto College to pursue a degree in Drama and Theatre Studies, which he completed in 2007. He then continued to refine his acting at the Manchester School of Theatre, where in 2010 he graduated with a BA (Hons.) in Acting.

How much is John Bradley net worth and earnings? How does he make his money?

The estimated net worth of John Bradley is $5 million. He was able to accumulate this fortune by way of his prosperous acting career. Although his specific earnings are not made public, these are some possible sources of income for him.

Bradley’s acting roles in numerous TV shows and movies have contributed significantly to his income. His role as Samwell Tarly in the hugely successful television series “Game of Thrones” launched him to stardom and probably added a sizable chunk to his wealth.

3 Body Problem actor John Bradley
3 Body Problem actor John Bradley sources Instagram

Bradley can have taken part in sponsorships, partnerships, and brand endorsements like many other actors. These collaborations have the potential to be profitable and bring in money outside of playing duties.

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Certain performers diversify their income by buying stocks, real estate, or other businesses, while specifics are not publicly known. Bradley may have increased his wealth by making calculated financial moves.

Bradley still receives residuals and royalties as an actor from “Game of Thrones” reruns, streaming platforms, international broadcasts, and other projects in which he has appeared. His net worth increases as a result of these constant payments.

In addition, Bradley receives payment from conventions, public appearances, and acting-related events. Supporters pay to interact with him, go to panels, and receive autographs, adding another revenue stream.


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