How much is Jen Psaki estimated net worth? husband, salary, children

How much is Jen Psaki estimated net worth? husband, salary, children

Jen Psaki is the current 34th White House press secretary; she has also worked as a political counselor in the administrations of Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and Barack Obama. She’s also work as a deputy press secretary and in a variety of other communications positions in presidential administrations. She has also worked as a political commentator, primarily for CNN. Psaki is the current press secretary for Vice President Joe Biden’s administration, and she normally gives daily press briefings. Psaki is the Administration’s spokesperson, wrangling with reporters on a daily basis. To learn more about Jen Psaki net worth, husband, child, and other details, continue reading.

How did Jen Psaki make her net worth million- dollars? Salary

Jen Psaki net worth is described below. Psaki is entitle to $180,000 in compensation for her time at the White House. Jen Psaki will receive subsidized electricity, 24-hour security, and other perks as part of her job. She makes money from her real estate interests in addition to her regular job. Her salary as a press secretary is estimate at around $183,000.

Jen Psaki net worth
Jen Psaki sources: thehill

She presently owns seven properties at a total of $30.65 million. Jen is also expect to earn up to $14 million with MSNBC in the future, perhaps boosting her net worth significantly. However, Jen Psaki net worth remains at $2 million for the time being.

The first encounter between Jen Psaki and Gregory Mecher, when & where?

Mecher initially met Psaki in 2006 while the two were both working for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. He was the head of staff for Ohio Congressman Steve Driehaus and Massachusetts Congressman Joe Kennedy III.

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Mecher fell in love with Psaki after she accidentally directed him to the wrong political event over the phone. Instead of being irritate over the incident, he immediately excused her because he thought she was really attractive. He married Psaki after four years of dating.

“Years later and married to her, I can tell this is not one of my wife’s strong points and directions,” Mecher added. I was wondering who the hell this individual was by the time I arrived.”

When were they tied in a relationship? Marriage, dating

Jen Psaki is married to Greg Mecher at the moment. After four years together, they married on May 8, 2010. Mecher is also a politician. Greg was the chief of staff for Congressman Steve Driehaus at the time they married. Mecher has also worked for Congressman Joe Kennedy in the same capacity.

Psaki’s Twitter bio states that she is “a mom to two humans under the age of five.” We do know she has a daughter named Genevieve, but no information about her second kid is available.

Jen Psaki husband
Jen Psaki is with her husband & kid sources: twitter

Jen Psaki speaks practically every day at White House press briefings, and many of her exchanges with Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocey are show in excerpts on television and the internet. Following the announcement that she had tested positive for COVID-19, Psaki took 10 days off between November 2, 2021 and November 12, 2021. She maintains she didn’t return to work until she was fully cured, and that her vaccination status protect her from consequences. 

Who is Greg Mecher?

Jen Psaki has become a household name as the White House Press Secretary, but her husband, Gregory Mecher, has had a comparable political career.

Mecher began his political career while still in college, having earned a bachelor’s degree in communications and television production in 1999. He served as the “student representative to the Board of Regents” while at Northern Kentucky University. A Board of Regents classmate got him an internship with Congressman Ken Lucas, who represented Kentucky’s 4th district, from 1999 to 2005. This internship, according to Mecher, prove to him that he was destine for politics.

Mecher was the chief of staff for Ohio Democratic Representative Steve Driehaus when he and Psaki married. Mecher was also the Chief of Staff for Massachusetts Congressman Joe Kennedy III.

They have two children together, Who are they?

The COVID-19 epidemic had a significant impact on employment, particularly among working moms. Since the epidemic reduced the proportion of women in the workforce to 57%, Psaki and the Biden Administration believed it was critical for Americans to see working mothers in positions of power. Psaki and Mecher have a six-year-old daughter and a three-year-old boy, respectively.

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Psaki feels that her public status as a working mother is an important representation. “One of the largest things we can all make,” she told POPSUGAR, “is telling other women who may be at the point where they haven’t yet had kids, or are considering it, that this is doable.” That it’s not because you’re talking about it every day — though that is a part of it — but because we’re making it feel like you don’t have to.”

Psaki is capable of doing it all, and she has the right partner in her husband. What a power couple they are!

Jen Psaki is departing the White House?

Rumors began to circulate in early 2021 that Psaki would be stepping down from her White House post. She then revealed in May of this year that she will be leaving in 2022.

“I think it’s time for someone else to take over this job in a year or a year or so,” Psaki said on The Ax Files podcast. President Joe Biden stated on May 5, 2022 that Karine Jean-Pierre would succeed her. What Psaki will do after leaving the White House is yet unknown. Psaki is expect to spend her newfound spare time with her spouse Gregory Mecher and their children.

Jen Psaki biography: parents, siblings, age, education

Jennifer Rene Psaki was born on December 1, 1978, in Stamford, Connecticut. Dimitrios R. Psaki (sometimes known as “James”) and Eileen Dolen Medvey are her parents. Jen is the oldest of her three sisters. Jen Psaki is 43 years of age. She is 5’5″ and weighs 130 lbs.

Jen’s father is now retire, but he used to be a real estate developer. Jen’s mother worked as a psychologist. Psaki has ancestors from Greece, Poland, and Ireland (her paternal grandfather immigrated to the United States from Greece in 1904) among others. Jen’s parents got married in 1976 and had her two years later.

Jen grew up in Stamford and graduated from Greenwich High School there in 1996. Her degrees are in English and sociology, and she plans to pursue a double major at William and Mary. Jen joined the Chi Omega sorority while at William and Mary. Jen was a member of the William and Mary Tribe athletes throughout her time at the university. For two years, she competed in backstroke swimming.

How did she start her career in Politics?

Jen Psaki is a registered Democrat who has spent most of her career working for Democratic candidates. She served on the political campaigns of two Iowa natives in 2001. She worked on Senator Tom Harkin’s re-election campaign as well as Tom Vilsack’s governor campaign. Both men were victorious in their respective elections.

She would not be able to remain out of politics for long. Psaki was ask to be Barack Obama’s press secretary for his re-election campaign in 2012 in less than six months. Obama would be re-elect, and Psaki would be ask to rejoin his government. Psaki would become the United States State Department’s spokeswoman by February 2013.

Within a year, Psaki was a frequent contributor to CNN’s political coverage. She stayed with CNN until Joe Biden was declare the winner of the 2020 presidential election. Psaki is an expert at maintaining her cool in front of a White House press corps that isn’t always complimentary of the current president or his policies. During the United States’ unexpected pullout from Afghanistan in August 2021, Psaki fielded inquiries on a regular basis.

Questions about President Biden’s thoughts on some matters will be ask of Psaki that appear to be outside of her purview. Psaki is always well-prepare with responses. However, this is most likely a reaction to early criticism of Psaki’s press secretaryship. Psaki would tell reporters that she will “circle around” to a question at a later time for some answers. Psaki used the statement several times, and social media mocked her effort at professionalism during press briefings.


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