All about the late Jake Flint wife, net worth, and the cause of death

All about the late Jake Flint wife, net worth, and the cause of death

Jake Flint, a country music singer-guitarist from Oklahoma who released his sophomore, self-titled album in 2020, died 37 hours after his wedding on Saturday night. He was scheduled to perform several shows in his home state of Oklahoma in the coming days. Unfortunately, the night of his death was also Jake’s wedding day. What happened to Jake Flint wife, and where is she now? Is he dead as a result of a heart attack? Come to the bottom for all the answers:

Who is Jake Flint wife, whom he married just hours before he died?

 Jake Flint wife
Jake Flint with wife Brenda Flint Source: Facebook

The late singer dated Brenda Flint for a very long time. Jake Flint wife, Brenda Flint was born on 15 January 1984 in the USA, and she is 38 years old. They announced their engagement on Instagram in January 2022 after a long relationship.

So. We did a thing. Say hello to the future Mr. Brenda Wilson. #gettinhitched See y’all at Cain’s ballroom in a few months. Save the to be determined date. @cocoaborocoa

On November 26, 2022, just hours before he passed away, he married Brenda in a remote homestead. Mike Hosty, a musician friend, recalled what transpired at the wedding to The Oklahoman.

She posted one wedding photo on Facebook just the day before. Brenda and Jake were shown in the sad photo sharing a passionate kiss with a white border. Notably, Brenda did not put a caption on the photo. Jake would often post about Brenda on his  Instagram account.

 Brenda, Mourned Him Over Social Media

On Nov. 29, 2022, just a few days after Jake’s sudden passing, Brenda took to her Facebook page to mourn her husband. 

“We should be going through wedding photos but instead I have to pick out clothes to bury my husband in,” she wrote. “People aren’t meant to feel this much pain. My heart is gone, and I just really need him to come back. I can’t take much more. I need him here.” 

What is the cause behind his death at a young age?

Jake was an Oklahoma native born in the town of Holdenville. Flint, died in his sleep hours after exchanging his wedding vows on Saturday night, his longtime publicist, Clif Doyal, confirmed to The Oklahoman. Jake Flint cause of death for Flint has yet to be determined. On Sunday morning, Hosty got word that Flint had died in his sleep just hours after exchanging vows with his bride.

“He was a singer-songwriter, through and through, and just a big personality, a big heart, and (he’d) bend over backward to do anything for you. When any musician asks you to play at their wedding, it’s one of those most important days … and it’s always an honor,” Hosty said. 

His former manager, Brenda Cline, also confirmed the news on Sunday and expressed that Flint, whom she loved “much like a son,” had died shortly before returning to tour on Dec. 2 following his wedding festivities.

“The funniest, most hilarious, hardest working, a dedicated artist I have ever worked with. We were just about to embark on some business together after he and Brenda got married- which was yesterday. Yes-yesterday,” she wrote.

What was the total net worth of the late Jake Flint? 

Jake Flint net worth was estimated to be $6 million. His main source of income was his musical career. He was a member of several bands. Jake could also play several instruments. Flint’s debut album, I’m Not Okay, was released in 2016. His subsequent releases included Live and Not OK at Cain’s Ballroom (2018), Jake Flint (2020), and Live and Socially Distanced at Mercury Lounge last year. With “Cowtown,” “Long Road Back Home,” and “What’s Your Name,” he had local hits in Texas and Oklahoma. He was a brand ambassador for Oklahoma Red Dirt music.

Jake had a growing music career in addition to his personal love life with Brenda. His YouTube account has over 728 subscribers, and some videos have over 76K views.