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Hollywood Couples in an Open Relationship

Hollywood is usually at the from of all changes in our culture – when something starts to normalize in the eyes of society, both movies and celebrities playing in them start to openly incorporate these trends, behaviors, and lifestyles into their public image. It happened with queerness and body-positive movement, and now it is slowly happening with open marriages, as more and more movie stars stop hiding their thoughts about monogamy and its uselessness.

While an open marriage and dating people other than a spouse is still an object of heavy discussion, most accept that it is the business of a person and their partner. It’s actually the same with celebrities, as only some of them are open about their openness (pun well intended!). Thus, finding out the truth about how they actually feel is possible only from rumors, paparazzi’s scandalous shots, and accidental slips. Still, many famous couples in an open marriage, dating other people and allowing their partners to do the same, allow us to compile a list of the most exciting Hollywood open marriages.

Will Smith with Jada Pinkett & Angelina-Jolie-and-Brad-Pitt
Will Smith with Jada Pinkett & Angelina-Jolie-and-Brad-Pitt

Some of them are built-in secrecy using exclusive online dating services, others involve multiple famous people in Hollywood, but there is a common thing uniting them all. Any couple looking for a man, woman, or a third person of non-specific gender on a dating site to introduce into their relationship may consider their examples, learn from their mistakes or use their experience to elevate the relationship to a different level. Nevertheless, on online dating sites, polyamory and open marriages are here to stay, so if you’re excited to read about the subject, here are the five most famous Hollywood couples in an open marriage:

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

As we learned from recent events, having an open marriage doesn’t mean a husband won’t protect his wife’s honor, even if it’s damaging to his reputation. Jada and Will (well, mostly Jada) are one of the most outspoken celebrities in regards to an open marriage. Jada often said that she considers monogamy as an option, a choice, not an obligation, because this way, it becomes a limiting phenomenon, thus a concept that makes the life of both spouses a bit far from perfection. And thanks to an open marriage, she and Will never had any infidelities during their marriage – we don’t know if they mean there were no outside partners, or they were strictly consensual, so we’ll leave it at that.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

One of the most famous star couples in history broke off a few years ago, but people still remember them as one of the shiniest examples of two perfect people getting together. Coincidentally, sharing that perfectness with other people wasn’t under any bounds. In an interview, Jolie noted that she doesn’t think fidelity is vital to a relationship and that forbidding a partner from something – and that unrestricted way is how they spent the 13-year marriage with Pitt. Commendable!

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

This is nothing but rumors and isn’t even about marriage, but the situation is unique enough to be mentioned. Before getting together with Machine Gun Kelly, Megan Fox supposedly was really wild. In a relationship with her previous serious boyfriend, a lot less famous than a diva known for her stunning Transformers performance, she supposedly asked for (and was granted) a one-sided open relationship. It means that while Brian was supposed to stay monogamous, she was free from such arrangements and was free to explore her options. Go, girl!

Steve Parker and Shirley MacLaine

Here’s an example of how open marriages are not a new thing, trend, or invention. One of the most prominent actresses of the 50s, Shirley MacLaine, married her producer and a couple stayed that way for 28 years. Still, they lived in different countries, interacted with various people, and had a full-on open marriage by modern standards – with consensual informing of the other partner about having new ones and living in peace with it.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher

Yet another rumored open marriage on Hollywood hills, yet the insiders say that a happy marriage (even despite the massive age difference and splitting up in 2013) of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore was supplemented by its openness. Supposedly, the couple was open just enough that everyone in their circle knew but was delicate with the matter so gently that no journalist ever heard about it until the marriage was over. A respectable level of dedication!

So, star couples are quite approving of the concept of going out with other people even when having a spouse and do not consider it infidelity. It happened in the past, it happens now, and it will probably be an even more talked-about subject in the near future, so expect to hear more about famous couples looking for additional lovers!