Who is Saudi MMA star Hattan Alsaif? family, biography, career

Who is Saudi MMA star Hattan Alsaif? family, biography, career

Hattan Alsaif is a remarkable athlete who has made history as the first Saudi woman to sign with a global MMA promotion. She won a gold medal at the 2023 World Championships of the International Federation of Muay Thai Associations at the age of just 22, and she was named the “Breakthrough Female Athlete.” She recently made her amateur mixed martial arts debut as well, winning a historically significant fight by stunning knockout. As you are aware, Saudi Arabia has severe regulations that apply to girls. Hattan then pursues her dream and overcomes all obstacles. What a courageous girl she is? Scroll down to know about her family, biography, career, and many more.

Hattan Alsaif Family and early life: Who are her parents? siblings

Hattan Alsaif, the first Saudi woman to sign with a major global MMA promotion, has an inspiring story. Her journey outside the ring has been marked by challenges and resilience. When she was just 10 years old, both of her parents tragically passed away within a span of 10 months. She has not revealed the identities of her siblings or parents. Her private life was kept secret.

She struggled with depression as a child and made multiple attempts at suicide. Alsaif persevered and discovered her vocation in mixed martial arts. She now bears the responsibility of becoming a trailblazer for Saudi female fighters as she represents her nation, family, and team. 

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She is aiming to leave a lasting impression on the combat sports industry because her abilities and perseverance have brought her to this historic moment.

When and where was Hattan Alsaif born? Age, education, ethnicity, and nationality

Hattan Alsaif, the first Saudi woman to sign with a major global MMA promotion, was born in Saudi Arabia. She is currently 22 years old. 

Hattan Alsaif with her awards
Hattan Alsaif with her awards sources Instagram

Although her ethnicity and educational background are not stated clearly in the information that is currently available, her extraordinary accomplishments in combat sports speak volumes about her commitment and enthusiasm. Regarding her nationality, she proudly represents Saudi Arabia in the mixed martial arts world.

What was Hattan Alsaif’s career journey? How much sporting freedom are girls granted in a Saudi nation?

Expert in Muay Thai Hattan Alsaif created history when she signed with the Professional Fighters League (PFL), being the first woman born in Saudi Arabia. Inspired by Muhammad Ali, she switched from boxing to Muay Thai after meeting PFL welterweight Abdullah Al-Qahtani. Among Alsaif’s accomplishments are his gold medals from the Saudi Games, the 2022 World Combat Games, and the 2023 IFMA Muay Thai World Championships.

There have been major developments in Saudi Arabia in terms of females’ athletic freedom in recent years. Even though the nation formerly essentially banned girls from doing sports in public schools, advancements have been made.

All females now receive physical education in the classroom, and private institutions let female students participate in sports. There is certainly opportunity for improvement, but the state’s sports infrastructure is currently only available to men.

How did she get into MMA?

Muay Thai was Hattan Alsaif’s first martial art before she entered mixed martial arts. After becoming well-known for her prowess in Muay Thai, she made the switch to mixed martial arts. She made history when she signed with a major international MMA promotion as the first Saudi woman, thanks to her perseverance, enthusiasm, and hard work.


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