Italy prime minister Giorgia Meloni partner Andrea Giambruno biography, net worth

Italy prime minister Giorgia Meloni partner Andrea Giambruno biography, net worth

Giorgia Meloni is an Italian politician and journalist who is set to become the country’s first female prime minister, leading the country’s first far-right government since World War II. She has been a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies since 2006, and she has led the Brothers of Italy (FdI) political party since 2014, as well as the European Conservatives and Reformists Party since 2020.  Giorgia Meloni and Andrea Giambruno have lived together for a number of years and have a daughter. Come learn more about Giorgia Meloni partner Andrea Giambruno biography, parents, daughter, net worth and many more:

Who is Giorgia Meloni partner Andrea Giambruno? Biography, Parents, Ethnicity, Education

 Giorgia Meloni partner
Giorgia Meloni with partner Andrea Giambruno and daughter Source: Facebook

Giorgia Meloni partner Andrea Giambruno is a journalist works for Silvio Berlusconi’s Mediaset TV network. He was born in Monza, Italy to his father and mother. Giambruno was baptized when he was three years old and comes from a Catholic family. He is extremely private and rarely discusses his personal life or his romance with Giorgia Meloni. Andrea is a handsome man who is currently 41 years old and was born in 1981. He is 4 years younger than Giorgia, his partner. He received his secondary education from the Liceo Scientifico di Monza and his higher education from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.

Giambruno is very private; as a result, there aren’t many pictures of him available, aside from a few in which he’s with his girlfriend and daughter. He also doesn’t have any active social media accounts.

For how long are Giorgia and Andrea living together? Daughter

Giorgia Meloni has been living with Andrea Giambruno for many years, and the couple has a daughter. Giorgia Meloni and Andrea Giambruno met in the television studios. It appears that he wooed her after the spark and love at first sight.
Andrea Giambruno and Giorgia Meloni have been together for seven years. In 2016 the two became parents of a beautiful daughter, Geneva, a great and exquisite joy. They have been inseparable since then and have a daughter, Geneva, but they are not married, contrary to what the Melons believe.

“He is a fantastic father, very present. He spends a week in Milan a month, but when he is here he almost always works in the evening and during the day he stays with Ginevra a lot. We take turns, we help each other, we complement each other, ”he reveals Giorgia a Seven.

Recently on 26th September 2022, Giorgia posted a photo with her daughter with a caption:

Thank you for the patience you have had over the years my love. Thank you for how, despite your six years, you understood, and endured my too many absences. Thank you for the way you run to me when I get home, and for when you say “mum good luck!”. It’s all for you. I love you.

How Andrea supported Giorgia for her election campaigns?

The couple is not married, but Meloni has little time for those who argue that her marital status contradicts her political stance on the importance of children having both a mother and a father. Except for once, I was reserved about the couple’s relationship. Giovanni Gozzini, a professor at the University of Siena, attacked Giorgia Meloni in 2021, calling her “cow” and “sow.” Andrea Giambruno, the leader’s companion, defended her on live television.

I am the partner of Giorgia Meloni who is also the mother of my daughter. I am very proud of what Giorgia did in her life Di lei “, he said during the press review of Tgcom24 .

About her partner, the Studio Aperto journalist reveals that she has

“a femininity with a fragile part of her, she is a human being with her own sensitivity, her own sweetness. She is not a robot. The real Giorgia is a person who made herself , with so many difficulties in adolescence, grown up without her father: she has shown that, if you work hard and without shortcuts, you have your redemption. Giorgia has achieved something unthinkable, given the starting conditions. She is the prototype of ‘ Italian that we love: we like those who come out of nowhere and make it more than those who are born arrived “. Will there be a wedding soon? “This is not the time”, says Giambruno, “there are other priorities”. Giorgia is “a champion, ready to be prime minister, ready to lead the country”. 

How much is Italy Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni partner Andrea Giambruno net worth and earnings?

As a result of his talent and hard work, he has achieved a great deal of fame and money as a journalist. Andrea is a Mediaset journalist, the host of Open Studio, and the creator of television shows such as Fifth Column, Matrix, Morning 5 e Italy. Tonight is the inaugural first gentleman. A Journalist at Mediaset can expect to earn a monthly salary of €7,156. Andrea Giambruno net worth exceeds €2 Million.


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