Who is G. Robert Evans III wife? children & family

Who is G. Robert Evans III wife? children & family

G. Robert Evans is an American dentist by his profession. He earned the limelight as the father of Marvel actor Chris Evans. His son Chris Evans was born Christopher Robert Evans.G. Robert Evans III was married twice in his life. His first marriage ended with Chris Evan’s mother in 1999. He has four children from his marital relationship. There is a lot more to talk about this splendid personality. We’ll discuss G. Robert Evans family, wife, children, and some other facts. Keep scrolling down.

Who is the wife of G. Robert Evans III? When did the couple marry? How did the couple separated?

G. Robert Evans III was a married man. Currently, he is separated from his wife, Lisa Capuano. The couple celebrated their wedding in 1977.  G. Robert Evans’s relationship with his wife did not last long. They legally separated after 22 years of their marriage in 1999. The reason behind their separation is still unknown to the public. Despite their separation, G. Robert Evans and his former wife, Lisa, are still seen together at parties and family gatherings. 

G. Robert Evans former wife, Lisa Capuno at the Avengers premiere
G. Robert Evans family and former wife Lisa Capuno at the Avengers premiere
Image – People

G. Robert Evans III weds twice in his life. There is no any info about his second marriage and current wife.

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Who is Lisa Capuano? Profession and family background?

Lisa Capuano graduated from Massachusetts. It seems he received a degree in theatre and film works. This is also why both his sons are in the acting world today.  Lisa is a professional dancer and actress. She also worked as an artistic director at the Concord Youth Theatre.

Lisa Capuano’s brother Mike Capuano served as an attorney of U.S. representatives of Massachusetts from 1990 to 2019. He also was in the position of Mayor of Somerville City (1990 to 1999).

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G. Robert Evans III Children & Family

G. Robert Evans family: G. Robert Evans III has a family life. He has four children from his wife (divorced) Lisa. The names of his children are Son– Chris Evans, and Scott Evans, and two daughters – Carly and Shanna.

G. Robert Evans III has a strong bond with the children. They often saw together. G. Robert Evans and his family also attended the grand premier event of Avengers: End Game in 2019.

G. Robert Evans wife
G. Robert Evans family members
Image – People

G. Robert Evans’s younger son Scott Evans is an actor like his brother Chris Evans.  He is highly recognized for portraying the role of a Police Officer in ABC daytime soap Opera One Life to Live and the role of Oliver on the series Graccie and Frankie. Besides this, he also appeared in several other hit movies.

A short bio of G. Robert Evans III

G. Robert Evans was born and brought up in Massachusetts, United States of America. He is the son of George Robert Evans Jr. and Alma Emma Behling. There is no any info about his siblings.

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He grew up as a talented student; he received a B.SC specialization in Biology from Bucknell University. He graduated in the year 1975. After graduating, he completed his dental education by receiving a Doctorate in Medical Dentistry from Tufts University.


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