Fraud Elizabeth Holmes Husband Net Worth, Wedding, Children

Fraud Elizabeth Holmes Husband Net Worth, Wedding, Children

Elizabeth Anne  Holmes is an American former biotechnology entrepreneur convicted of criminal fraud. In 2003, Holmes founded and was the chief executive officer of Theranos, a now-defunct health technology company. In March 2022, Hulu released a miniseries entitled The Dropout based on the podcast  of the same name, starring Amanda Seyfried as Homlmes. Scroll down for more detail about; Elizabeth Holmes Husband Net Worth, earning, weeding, and children.

Elizabeth Holmes’ husband net worth

Elizabeth Holmes net worth is $4.5 billion to  $0 as of 2022, after the fall of Theranos. Holmes was valued at $4.5 billion in 2004 before she was exposed for fraud, which dropped her net worth to Zero.

 But Elizabeth holmes’ husband Evans has $10 million. Billy Evans is a famous businessman and manager. His parents are the owner of a group chain hotel in California named Evans Hotel. Holmes’ husband

main sources of income  from his hotel business. He is also an investor and invested in various firms. Billy is living a lavish lifestyle in San Francisco, California. 

Who is Holmes husband? When she Married??

Elizabeth is a happily married woman and mother of son. She married  Billy  Evans in 2019. His husband is a famous businessman and manager of a group chain Hotel in California. Holmes and Evans met at a party in 2017. 

 But they were dating at the Burning Man Festivals. The couple dated for 2 years each other. In July 2021, the pair welcomed their first child, son.  The name of his child is unknown. Since the couple are together and enjoying their married life.


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