Is Erin Blanchfield married? Or is she single? Net worth, biography/wiki

Is Erin Blanchfield married? Or is she single? Net worth, biography/wiki

Erin Blanchfield is an American mixed martial artist currently competing in the Flyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. She is a former Eddie Bravo Invitational champion. The most recent news on Erin Blanchfield highlights her recent bout against Manon Fiorot at UFC Atlantic City. Unfortunately, Blanchfield was declared the winner by unanimous judgment. Due to the championship implications of the bout, Fiorot’s victory moved her one step closer to a possible opportunity at the UFC Women’s Flyweight Championship. Apart from her professional life, is she in a romantic relationship? Today in this article, we talk about  Erin Blanchfield’s love life partner/husband, net worth, and biography/wiki.

Who is Erin Blanchfield husband/partner? Is she married? Relationship

Erin Blanchfield, a rising star in the UFC Flyweight division, is currently not married. There is no public information about her being in a relationship. She has kept her personal life very private, focusing primarily on her MMA career. There are no reports or social media indications that she has a boyfriend or partner.

American mixed martial artist Erin Blanchfield
American mixed martial artist Erin Blanchfield sources Instagram

She uploaded only images and videos from her work life on Instagram, where she is active. She has kept her relationship and love life stories to herself. It appears from her pictures that she is currently living a single, adventurous life.

How much is Erin Blanchfield net worth and earnings? How does she make her money?

Erin Blanchfield’s net worth is estimated to be between $300,000 and $5 million. Due to her rising prominence in the UFC and possible revenues from fights and sponsorships, several outlets have estimated her net worth at the higher end of this range.

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As a professional mixed martial artist, Blanchfield’s main source of income is her vocation. Pay-per-view (PPV) shares, bout purses, and performance incentives are some of her sources of revenue.

Erin Blanchfield with her iPhone
Erin Blanchfield with her iPhone sources Instagram

She receives income from sponsorships and endorsements in addition to her fight earnings. These sponsorships can involve her endorsing brands on her social media sites, where she can make extra money based on her following, and wearing branded gear during fights.

In addition to receiving base money for her fights as a UFC fighter, Blanchfield also gets bonuses for winning and putting on great performances, in addition to a cut of ticket sales and pay-per-view earnings. As she advances in her MMA career, this multifaceted source of income adds to her entire net worth and stability.

Erin Blanchfield early life and biography: age, parents, education, ethnicity, and nationality

Erin Blanchfield, born on May 4, 1999, in Elmwood Park, New Jersey. As of now, she is 25 years old. Erin’s parents are George and Betsy Blanchfield. She has one brother, Brendan. His brother. Brendanis is also a mixed martial artist. She is of American nationality and Caucasian ethnicity. Blanchfield’s parents have been supportive of her career.

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Erin showed an early interest in martial arts, starting Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at age seven and later transitioning into MMA during her teenage years.

Blanchfield attended Montclair State University, juggling her studies with her growing mixed martial arts career. She trained with Karel Pravec for her Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, which greatly enhanced her abilities and helped her succeed in mixed martial arts.

Before signing with the UFC, she made a name for herself in the MMA industry thanks to her fierce fighting style and standout performances in leagues like Invicta FC.


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