How to earn free Cryptocurrency rather than mining? 2023

How to earn free Cryptocurrency rather than mining?

People are looking for ways of growing their crypto holdings as cryptocurrencies gain popularity. While it’s easy enough to purchase digital currencies from an exchange if money is available, mining isn’t a realistic option for everyone due to the cost of entry. Fortunately, there are other ways you can have your piece of the cryptocurrency pie without spending too much or investing any funds at all. In this article, we’ll discuss some viable alternatives available today if neither investing nor mining proves feasible in your case. So, if you are into crypto investment, you can invest in a reliable Platform and improve your trading skills.

Some Alternative Ways of Earning Free Cryptocurrency

Yield Farming

Yield farming has become a popular concept in the world of decentralized finance. It is essentially an incentive scheme that involves locking up your holdings, such as ERC-20 tokens, and earning rewards through fixed or variable interest rates. By lending these assets to the network, you can earn lucrative rewards.

Lots of individuals perform this by borrowing, to begin with, and utilizing it for yield agriculture when the borrowing charges are not much. Afterwards, many people borrow from a single market and also loan it to the next. To put it briefly, when you’re familiar with and understand the environment, yield farming could be very profitable. Additionally, when you discover a project which calls for liquidity, there are substantial chances of generating profits.

Participate in Bounties

Users who carry out specific tasks are given bounties. End users are provided rewards for assisting with the translation of the program into various other languages, assisting with bugs, and much more, to boost awareness. That means that people can decide on the course they wish to take part in and also, in contrast to airdrops in which a person should be fortunate, they can get it in case they get it done correctly. The same as with airdrops, you have to continue searching for new projects within the crypto space. You may also find additional bounty sites such as bounty0x that list all of the bounties in a single location.


Unlike mining, staking requires a certain amount of cryptocurrency in your wallet to be eligible for the proof-of-stake mechanism. This mechanism rewards participants who validate transactions; those with the biggest stake will receive their payout if chosen as one such transaction validator. Compared to miners in the proof-of-work system, where winners are decided based on computing power and speed, this makes it easier for anyone holding coins or tokens to compete.

Many cryptocurrencies are based upon the PoS model, such as Solana, Polkadot as well as Binance Coin. Ethereum is moving toward this particular methodological upgrade fairly shortly. Additionally, you may even get crypto cards which let you stake rewards. Indeed, these rewards vary based on the amount you have staked in your bank account.


Airdrops would be a promotional strategy utilized by crypto projects to offer tokens at no cost to individuals to motivate the adoption of a new crypto challenge. In this case, you simply need to type in your bank account street address as well as anticipation to be one of the fortunate recipients who receive the tokens. To be able to boost their chances of obtaining the airdrop, users have to perform numerous jobs, including posting the task on Twitter, capturing a video, etcetera. Airdrop is oftentimes also performed for users of a specific electronic currency.

Learn and Earn

This lets you earn digital tokens with no type of investment. You have just to be prepared to learn new cryptocurrencies in addition to current cryptocurrencies. Even though the amount that you will earn might not be big, the truth is that you will learn greatly, which could help you earn extra money later on.


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