Who is Deborah James husband Sebastian Bowen? family, net worth-salary, death

Who is Deborah James husband Sebastian Bowen? family, net worth-salary, death

Dame Deborah Anne James DBE was a London-based English journalist, podcast host, and charity campaigner. She was diagnosed with incurable bowel cancer in 2016 and went on to broadcast the You, Me, and the Big C podcast on BBC Radio 5 about her illness. Dame has earned over £6 million for cancer organizations through her internet fundraising. James Bowen was married to Sebastian Bowen, and the couple has two children. Come down to learn more about Deborah James husband Sebastian Bowen, family, net worth-salary, and other details:

Deborah James death cause

She has been battling bowel cancer since 2017, and the disease eventually won. She died on Tuesday, June 28, 2022 at the age of 40.  Dame Deborah James cause of death was Bowel Cancer. James spent her final days at her parents’ home in Woking, Surrey.

Bowel cancer, also called colorectal cancer, starts in the inner lining of the bowel and is often preceded by growths called polyps that can turn into invasive cancer if they are not found. Depending on where in the bowel the cancer starts, it may be called colon cancer or rectal cancer.

“She was one of the most remarkable women I’ve ever met,” says BBC 5 Live presenter Tony Livesey, a friend and colleague of Dame Deborah. “She had this incredible zest for life, even in the face of her own death.”

Her professional career and incurable cancer illness

James worked as a deputy head teacher at Salesian School in Chertsey, specializing in computer science and e-learning, before going on to the Matthew Arnold School in Staines-upon-Thames, where she remained until her diagnosis with colon cancer. She began her career as a writer and columnist for The Sun, where she chronicled her battle with illness. She started presenting the BBC Radio 5 podcast You, Me, and the Big C in March 2018, alongside other cancer patients Lauren Mahon and Rachael Bland, the latter of whom died in September 2018. F*** You Cancer: How to Face the Big C, Live Your Life, and Still Be Yourself published in October 2018.

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After many treatments, James said in June 2021 that her cancer was moving in the “wrong direction” and that the drugs she was taking were no longer effective. James updated her health on social media in May 2022, saying she receiving hospice-at-home care and that “her body just couldn’t go on any longer.” Over £3 million was raised for her campaign, the Bowelbabe Fund, in less than 48 hours following her post. James was made Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire two days later (DBE). At her family home, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, bestowed her damehood.

What did Deborah James husband Sebastian Bowen do for a living?

Deborah James husband
Deborah James with husband Sebastian Bowen & children Source: Instagram

Sebastian Bowen, Deborah James husband, is a London banker. He is a Director at MetLife Investments and formerly worked for Pomona Capital. He went to St Paul’s School in London and earned his master’s degree from the University of Edinburgh. Deborah, on the other hand, is a former deputy head teacher who now works as a writer, blogger, podcaster, and cancer activist.

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Bowen appears to be a lovely and decent person who takes care of and looks after his wife. Deborah’s career as a novelist appears to be supported by Bowen, and the two appear to be in love. Deborah thinks herself fortunate to have met Sebastien and is content to be with him.

When did Deborah and Sebastian meet and marry? Wedding

It’s unclear when the pair met, but they celebrated 13 years of marriage in September 2021. Deborah honored their 13th wedding anniversary on Instagram in September 2021, after the couple married in July 2008. She captioned this sweet video of them dancing:

13 Years of marriage. My Rock. It was our wedding anniversary earlier this week. Some days the weight of what that means in an uncertain future can be too much. :Then it’s the closing of new day. A new day you are grateful to see. A new day you didn’t think you’d feel well in. And you dance. As your lids laugh and film. The sun sets, and you realize how wonderful it is to reach another milestone (and you park the sadness). And you smile. And you are at one in the moment only. Because for any of us that’s all we ever have anyway. And you give thanks to have people in your life that are the very back bone you remain upright on. 

Sebastien – Thank you for holding my hand in the darkness and dancing me back into the light. I love you. Always #love #marriage #annivarsary #13years

Who are the couple’s children?

Deborah James and Sebastien Bowen have two children, a son and a daughter. Hugo Bowen, their 14-year-old son, and their daughter, who is about 12 years old, Sebastien and Deborah enjoy spending time with their children and playing games with them. She tweeted a photo of herself and her children on SEPTEMBER 3, 2021, with the caption:

Hope. Like thousands of us – I’m seeing my kids off to their new secondary schools over these last few days. Proud, a little tearful and with sore thumbs from labelling too many things! The emotion coming from this moment is surreal. It’s always been one of those MASSIVE pipe dream milestones I never envisaged I’d actually make!

Is Deborah and Sebastian divorced?

After their wedding in 2008, Deborah and Sebastien decided to divorce in 2015. Deborah termed the divorce processes as “acrimonious.” Both parties retained lawyers and embarked on “hideous” Tinder dates with other people. Deborah and Sebastien realized they were still in love after attending several counseling sessions in an attempt to make their divorce easier for their two children, Eloise and Hugo.

“It’s taken two years of separation, nearly divorcing, hideous Tinder experiences, lots of marriage counselling, a hell of a lot of effort on both sides, and cancer to make us both realise no marriage is perfect.

Deborah gave her husband permission to remarry after her death

Deborah gave Sebastian permission to remarry after she died, but she had strict instructions for him, according to a new interview with  The Times published on Thursday (May 12th).

“Don’t be taken for a ride, don’t marry a bimbo, find someone else who can make you laugh like we did,” she said.

In the same interview, the podcaster revealed how hard it has been telling her children that she’s at the end of her life but said “my husband Sebastien has been incredible”. “He has dropped everything and is with me 24/7. My first thought was that I don’t want my children to see me like this. I didn’t think I would be able to speak to them without crying, but I’d love one last cuddle with them,” she added.

What is Deborah James net worth, salary and earnings?

Deborah James net worth
Bowel Babe Deborah James with her phone Source: Instagram

Deborah had amassed immense fame and fortune as a  journalist, podcast host, and author as a result of her talent and hard work. Deborah James net worth was $1.5 million before her death. She began her career as a writer and columnist for The Sun, where she detailed her cancer struggle. In March 2018, she began presenting the BBC Radio 5 podcast You, Me, and the Big C with fellow cancer patients Lauren Mahon and Rachael Bland, the latter of whom died in September 2018. F*** You Cancer: How To Face The Big C, Live Your Life, And Still Be Yourself, Deborah’s debut book, released in 2018. She also stated that every book sold will generate £3 for her Bowelbabe Fund for Cancer Research UK.

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Bowen had invested in main and secondary funds for almost two decades. Bowen previously worked as a Director at MetLife Investments. According to sources, the annual beginning salary ranges from £99,923 to £138,333. Dame Deborah recently awarded a damehood for her “tireless campaigning” after exceeding her original fundraising goal of £250,000 by more than 24 times.

Deborah James said she’s ‘gutted’ she won’t survive to see her new book published on Tuesday.

Dame Deborah debuted her second book, How To Live When You Could Be Dead, in an Instagram post on Tuesday evening. She expressed regret that, despite the book’s earlier release date, she is unlikely to be alive by the time it is released. She stated:

“I wrote another book!! So I’ve got a few things to share with you before I die that I’m gutted I won’t see in real life! But I’ve now been granted permission to share them and I’m really excited!

“For the last 2 years I’ve been working on my second book How to Live when you could be Dead – oh the irony of the title! I wanted to share all my (hard-won!!) learning on how to have a positive mindset when we are faced with life’s biggest challenges.

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