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How much is Dana White net worth? Cocaine, wife, kids

Dana White is a successful businessman and television producer. However, he is best recognize as the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). UFC is a mixed martial arts promotion company. Under his leadership, the firm has achieved massive success and promoted the careers of numerous martial artists. Dana White is a wealthy man envied by many people. He is hardworking, tough, focused, and passionate about his job. Scroll down to know more about Dana White net worth, cocaine, wife, kids and more.

What is Dana White Net Worth in 2022?

Dana White net worth stands at a total of $500 million. His salary is estimate to be $20 million per annum. With the dramatic growth of the company, the UFC has now catapulted to one of the top 10 most valuable sports business brands in the world. His stake at the company, before taxes, is reportedly worth $360 million after the UFC was sold for $4 billion. But more to his acquiring wealth, White is also a philanthropist and one of his notable acts was donating $100,000 to his high school in 2011 towards the renovation of their sporting facilities.

Dana White net worth
Dana White is with his big smile

And he’s not shy about spending it. White lives in a massive Las Vegas mansion, which was built on the site of three bulldozed homes. It includes a basketball court, arcade, and a pool that looks like it belongs at a luxury resort.

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Cars and motor vehicles

White is an avid car and motorcycle collector. He enjoys riding motorcycles and loves cars with powerful engines. Interestingly, his fleet features both simple and luxury models, as listed below.

  • Datsun B210 – This was his first car, which he keeps to date.
  • 1971 Plymouth Barracuda
  • Ferrari Testarossa
  • 1969 Ford Bronco
  • Harley-Davidson motorcycle
  • Ducati motorcycle
  • MV Augusta F4 motorcycle
  • BMW M6 Gran Coupe
  • Classic Defender Works V8 70th Edition
  • Cadillac Escalade ESV
  • Ferrari F430 Spider
  • 1969 Chevy Camaro

Besides the cars and motorcycles listed above, the UFC president also owns a Bombardier jet. The private plane allows him to make business travels without the strain of booking flights.

Dana White vehicles
Dana White is with his different motorcycles collection

Dana White’s House

With the enormous amount of the estimated net worth of Dana White, the UFC President has bought several fancy mansions in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the fall of 2016, White bought three massive houses in Las Vegas’ wealthy Tournament Hills enclave.

County records indicated that Dana White acquired a 7,700 square foot house for under $1.8 million in October, a 5,500 square foot house for $2.4 million in January, and a 4,700 square foot house for $2 million in March.

Dana White also speculated that he might buy a house or a Condo in Abu Dhabi at UFC 251 press conference since UFC is looking to do more events in Abu Dhabi and are frequently looking to organize fights at Yas Island.

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Who is Dana White’s Wife? children

Dana White married Anne White on November 8, 1996. Even so, Dana White’s wife supports her husband in his career. Although it is known that the president of UFC likes to keep personal matters private, it is known that The two first met in eighth grade. Later on, they joined the same high school, where their relationship started. 

Dana White wife
Dana White is with his wife

Dana White and Anne White have three children. The couple has two sons named Dana Jr. and Aidan White and they also have a daughter named Savannah White.

Businessman Dana White Wiki/bio- Parents, siblings, education, height, health problem

June and Dana White raised White in Manchester, Connecticut. For the most of their childhoods, he and his sister, Kelly, were reared by their mother and her family. White is a native of Irel and who now resides in the United States.

He started boxing at the age of 17 and graduated from Maine’s Hermon High School in 1987. He enrolled in college twice, once at Quincy College and again at UMass Boston, but dropped out both times during the first semester. After that, White became a boxing coach.

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Dana White is 5 feet 11 inches tall (1.8 m) and weighs 194 pounds (88 kg) at this height. His hair is bald, and his eyes are hazel. White said that he has been diagnose with Ménière’s illness, a neurological disorder for which he is seeking proper medical care.


As early as 2011, in a statement after three months in a rehab clinic, De La Hoya said that his life was a lie; De La Hoya revealed that he was addict to alcohol and cocaine. Then in 2019, a San Bernardino woman filed a lawsuit claiming De La Hoya sexually assaulted her two years prior.

Dana White isn’t fond of Jake Paul constantly calling him a cocaine addict, and the UFC president has responded with a challenge for the YouTube-star-turned-boxer.

When and How did he start his professional career?

Following high school, White began his career. He began his career as a boxercise instructor. He later moved to Las Vegas, where he continued to operate a boxing gym. In Vegas, he met the Fertitta brothers and began working out with John Lewis on the practice field. While continuing performing Lewis’ practices, he encountered Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz. He progressed through the ranks and eventually became their manager. He met several of the important stakeholders in the martial arts industry while managing Liddel and Ortiz.

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Bob Meyrowtiz, founder of Semaphore Entertainment Group, was one of the people he interacted with. UFC’s parent business was called Semaphore Entertainment Group. He quickly learned that Meyrowtiz was looking to sell UFC, so he reached out to Lorenzo Fertitta to see if he was interested in buying it. Lorenzo and his older brother Frank Fertitta bought UFC for $2 million in January 2011. The brothers renamed the firm Zuffa and named White as the new president of the UFC.

The company was in shambles when the trio arrived. To avoid bankruptcy, the company’s former owners auctioned off its assets. White worked hard to make UFC a success as the new president. The corporation brought in $600 million in gross revenue in 2015. Zuffa was auction off in July 2016. Investors from WME-IMG bought it for $4.025 billion. Dana White purchased the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in what year? The UFC president was not the sole owner of the organization. With Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta, he co-owned the company.

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He control 9 percent of Zuffa at the time it was sold. Dana received $360 million from the transaction. He was ask to stay on as president when the deal was complete. He announced in March 2019 that he has inked a seven-year deal with ESPN to continue as the UFC’s president. In 2026, he will be out of office. White has transformed the UFC’s operations and elevated it to one of the top martial arts organizations in the world throughout his tenure there. He is a ruthless and determined boss who has built a multibillion-dollar business empire. Boxing is his company’s most recent endeavour.

He debuted in boxing by promoting Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor as a co-promoter. He wants to fully integrate boxing into the UFC’s lineup. White is an executive producer with 81 credits in addition to being the president of UFC. Many UFC television specials have been executive produce by him. He’s also act in a few films. He played a goon in the television series The League, which aired in 2013. He also appeared in the roles of himself on Silicon Valley and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


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