Canadian bodybuilder Dan Hayhurst Net worth, ex wife, wiki -

Canadian bodybuilder Dan Hayhurst Net worth, ex wife, wiki

Pamela Anderson’s new husband is Dan Hayhurst, an American-Canadian actor. He was also the actress’s former bodyguard. Hayhurst is a well-known Canadian entrepreneur who rose to prominence following his marriage to the actress. He is best know for being the spouse of Pamela Anderson, a Canadian-American actress and model. In January 2022, Dan and Pamela split up and filed for divorce. To learn more about Dan Hayhurst net worth, wiki, spouse, ex-wife, and other details, continue reading.

Dan Hayhurst wiki/bio- parents, siblings, childhood, nationality and education

Although Dan Hayhurst precise age is unknown, his ex-girlfriend revealed that he will turn 40 in 2020. Pamela is say to have bring him a boat for his birthday in 2020. Dan’s exact height is unknown, however he is at least 6 feet tall in his capacity as a bodyguard. Much information on Dan, such as his age and height, has yet to be make public.

Dan Hayhurst wiki
Dan Hayhurst is with his smile sources: premailinformation

Dan isn’t use to all the attention his and Pamela’s relationship has been getting. Despite the fact that he had toiled in the shadows for a long time, he had never been in the spotlight himself. His relationship with Pamela is likewise a recent surprise for the public. As a result, little information about Dan’s family and past is available to the public. He is, nevertheless, a Canadian by birth.

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How much is Canadian bodybuilder Dan net worth? Is he a millionaire?

Dan Hayhurst net worth is believe to be in the range of $500,000 and $800,000. According to some accounts, the former bodyguard could be worth a million dollars. His professional earnings have not yet been publish, however he is most known for his work as a celebrity bodyguard. Also, because he was marry to Pamela till today, we don’t have any information regarding his present job.

Unfortunately, the couple’s relationship did not work out, and they have decided to divorce after 13 months of marriage. They married in December 2020 after meeting during the coronavirus lock down and fell in love.

Dan Hayhurst net worth
Dan Hayhurst is with his wealth wife

Dan Hayhurst has no Wikipedia page and isn’t active on social media. Pamela, too, has taken a break from social media. Her most recent post was in January 2021, when she announced that she will be abandoning social media for good.

Who is Dan Hayhurst ex-wife? Does the couple have kids together?

Pamela Anderson’s ex-husband came out a day after she announced her marriage to Dan Hayhurst, labelling the Playboy model a homewrecker. Pamela allegedly seduced Dan when he was working on her home, according to Dan’s ex, Carey. At the time, Carey stated she and Dan were still together. They were together until Dan moved out to live with Pamela in July 2020.

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Carey also claimed that the wedding news caught her off guard. In 2015, she and Dan moved in together. Carey was on her own by Summer 2020, responsible for three children. Two of the children were from Dan’s previous relationship. Carey, on the other hand, entered the relationship as a single mother of one child.

Carey and Dan met through a dating app. Around 2016, the blended family relocated to Vancouver Island. Dan got a job as a contractor to refurbish Pamela’s house while he was there. Furthermore, his daughter Denise worked on the project as a laborer. Dan and Pamela grew closer over time, while his family relationship deteriorated. Carey describe Dan as a skill manipulator, revealing that he had always tell her he didn’t want to get marry. Denise, on the other hand, thanked Carey for stepping up and taking care of the children.

Dan Hayhurst & Pamela Anderson wedding

Dan Hayhurst and Pamela Anderson choose a non-traditional ceremony for their nuptials. Hayhurst and Pamela married on December 24, 2020, in an intimate ceremony at her Vancouver Island home. However, their wedding in late January 2021 went unnoticed by the rest of the world.

Dan Hayhurst wife
Dan Hayhurst is with his wife sources: bollywood trendy

Pamela stunned with a vintage satin slip, pastel tulle skirt, blue-ribbon corset, and floor-length polka-dot veil on her wedding day. Pamela wore rain boots with her blue outfit. She admitted that she had no desire for diamonds for their wedding.

“I think this lovely property has a lot of healing energy, I’m at peace here,” Pamela told the Daily Mail about the wedding. The Cinderella gown with the long Princess Diana veil trailing in the dirt was see to a few passers-by on the large property. Heaven.”

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