Customs Clearance Process for Cargo Shipping from China to the USA

Customs Clearance Process for Cargo Shipping from China to the USA

Importing goods from China to the United States includes several stages, one of the most important of
which is clearing Chinese goods. This process occurs when the goods arrive in the US, and only after
successful completion of all procedures will the shipment be allowed to enter the US market.

Two Main Components of Customs Clearance

To smoothly go through all stages of customs clearance, two conditions must be met:

  • You must have the entire package of accompanying documents for the imported goods. Make sure you have a completed customs declaration, invoice, and packing list.
  • You must pay all taxes and duties that are calculated by customs in accordance with US regulations.

To avoid any unexpected obstacles, for example, a lack of necessary documents, it is better to use the services of a freight forwarder from China to USA. In this case, you will be sure that the product will quickly clear customs and enter the US market.

Stages of Customs Clearance

  1. Upon arrival of the consignment at customs, you must provide customs officers with all the necessary documentation for inspection.
  2. Customs officials estimate the amount of taxes and duties that the importer must pay. For the product to continue entering the US market, the full amount must be paid at once.
  3. A random check of the goods allows customs inspectors to assess whether the imported cargo corresponds to what is stated in the documentation.

If you have successfully completed these 3 stages, you can import these goods shipped from China. They can be sent directly to points of sale. And if you need warehousing in USA, you can contact international 3PL operator PartnerTrade. With warehouses on both the West and East Coasts of the United States, PartnerTrade will be able to optimize the delivery of your goods. You will be more flexible and confident in your next steps, and all your decisions will be cost-effective


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