Did Israel plan to kill Colonel Sayyad Khodai? Why was Sayyad killed? killer revealed, Wikipedia, Wife, family, Israel Spy

Did Israel plan to kill Colonel Sayyad Khodai? Why was Sayyad killed? killer revealed, Wikipedia, Wife, family, Israel Spy

On Sunday, two motorcycles shot and killed Colonel Sayyad Khodai in the capital’s east. Khodai was killed by five bullets when he returned home about 4:00 p.m., according to the state news agency IRNA (1130 GMT). Colonel Sayyad Khodai’s murder is the most high-profile assassination in Iran since top nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was killed in November 2020. Israeli spies arrested. It is possible that Israel’s spy agency Mossad carried out the killings.  Come down to learn more about Colonel Sayyad Khodai wikipedia, as well as his wife, family, and other details:

Why was Colonel Sayyad Khodai killed? Why was he targeted?

Colonel Sayyad Khodai killed
Martyr Colonel Sayyad Khodai Source: independent

Colonel Sayyad Khodai is believed to have been in charge of providing advanced and accurate missile technology to Hezbollah.

Martyr Khodaei accused by another Israeli network of plotting terrorist attacks and kidnapped Israelis.

Reactions to the martyrdom of Martyr Khodai

The Foreign Minister condemned the terrorist operation and congratulated the family of Martyr Khodaei, saying, “Iran’s sworn enemies have once again demonstrated their nature, and while terrorist elements have accepted this crime, we are accompanied by the silence of countries claiming to fight terrorism.”

The president adds, “I have no doubt that this martyr’s pure blood revenge on the criminals is guaranteed.”

I highlight the security officials’ earnest pursuit of this matter, and without a doubt, the hand of global arrogance can be seen behind this crime.

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Who was Colonel Sayyad Khodai? Wikipedia, Age, Nationality

Colonel Hassan Sayyad Khodai was a Revolutionary Guard officer who was involved in operations in Syria and maybe overseas. Gunmen on a motorcycle shot and killed him at 4 p.m. on Sunday. He was driving home from work in his car in east-central Tehran when the killers opened fire with five shots, according to official media. 

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Hassan Sayad Khodaei, a martyr, was born in 1351 in the capital of East Azerbaijan, Baku. In 1366, he enlisted in the IRGC and served in the Quds Force. Martyr Khodaei was the son-in-law of Haj Hussein Faizi, an Ahl al-Bayt (AS) praiser and one of the mourners of the Tehran Religious Committee, an Azerbaijani delegation in Tehran.

What did Colonel Sayyad Khodai’s brother say?  family-Wiki

Colonel Sayyad Khodai family
family members of Col. Hassan Sayyad Khodaei weeping over his body  Source: BBC

Martyr Khodaei was one of the holy defense veterans and had two brothers. He has been at the front since he was twelve years old. According to his older brother:

 he took my parents’ permission and went to the front. Later, he recruited and served in the IRGC. He did not mix one haram and one halal rial. Haram was not in their nature at all. He was my youngest brother was praying. He used to fast the month of Sha’ban and Rajab. was very sincere. Martyrdom has always been his dream. He said we are made to serve. We are two or three brothers are wounded in the war, but I did not know until a while ago that he wounded. Once my son had seen his body, he said that his uncle had fragments on his body. I did not really know that Saeed’s body (the family called him Saeed) had fragments and was injured. We have been waiting for his martyrdom since the war, but his part was to achieve this honor at this time.

Who is Martyr Colonel Sayyad Khodai wife and children?

He has a wife and was married. He was the son-in-law of Ahl al-Bayt praiser Haj Hussein Faizi. According to reports, Sayad Khodaei’s wife was the first to see the body of the martyr who protected the shrine. His wife and children’s names are kept hidden.

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When and where was Colonel Sayyad Khodai killed?

On Sunday, Hassan Sayyad Khodaei killed by five bullets as he came home near Mojahedin-e-Islam Street at around 4 p.m. (11:30 p.m. GMT), according to the Iranian state news agency IRNA. He photographed slumped over in the driver’s seat of a white vehicle with the left window shattered, dressed in bloodied civilian clothes. His funeral take place on Monday.

Iranian officials and state media blamed the assassination on “global arrogance,” a reference to the US and its allies, but did not name any countries.

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Colonel Sayyad Khodai’s killers: Mossad (Israeli spy) arrested 

The government has ordered an inquiry into the killings. Israeli spies were arrested. It is possible that Israel’s spy agency Mossad carried out the killings. The Iranian government said in an official statement that several Mossad agents is arrested and questioned. Colonel Syed Khodai considered one of the most important officers of the Iranian army. He considered one of the defenders of Iran. A top military officer, Qasim Sulemani, was assassinated in 2020. On the killing of two top officials in three years, Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi said the killings would be avenged. The culprits will punished severely.

With the sacrifice of Colonel Syed, the resolve of the Revolutionary Guards strengthened and the same done by apprehending the killers. Iran called the killings a terrorist act and pointed to Israel, saying it was the work of countries with global arrogance. In 2010, six top Iranian scientists killed for one reason or the other. Iran claims that Israel’s spy agency is behind it. Officials linked to Iran’s nuclear program killed under six mysterious circumstances over the past 12 years.

The killing of Khodaei is the latest high-profile assassination in Iran since Qassem Soleimani assassinated .

Khodaei’s death is the most recent high-profile attack on an Iranian official since Mohsen Fakhrizadeh killed in November 2020. Fakhrizadeh was a key architect of Iran’s nuclear program, which Israel opposes passionately.

General Qassem Soleimani of the Quds Force assassinated by a US drone at Baghdad International Airport in Iraq in January 2020.

The move, ordered by the administration of former US President Donald Trump, heightened tensions between Washington and Tehran, causing the IRGC to retaliate by firing missiles at an American airbase in western Iraq.

What did the Revolutionary Guard and the Ministry of Intelligence and Security announce?

In Iran, the Revolutionary Guard and the Ministry of Intelligence and Security announced the arrest of an undefined number of operatives suspected of working with Israel.

Authorities accused the detainees of “robbery and destruction of private and public property, kidnapping, and fake compulsion of confessions,” according to a statement released by official media.

The assassination of Khodai comes amid a new wave of minor protests across the country about rising food costs, following the government’s announcement of a plan to cut subsidies and increase cash handouts to the needy.

Iran and the United States are currently at odds in indirect discussions aimed at reviving the 2015 nuclear deal, supposed to reign back Iran’s nuclear technology program in exchange for sanctions relief. The discussions have stalled due to Washington’s refusal to remove the Revolutionary Guard from its list of terrorist organizations.


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