What is Casemiro's wife's age and nationality? married, children

What is Casemiro’s wife’s age and nationality? married, children

In the glittering world of football, the players often steal the spotlight, but behind every successful man stands a remarkable woman. Meet Anna Mariana, the wife of renowned footballer Casemiro, whose presence adds a touch of grace and charm to the dynamic world of sports and entertainment.

Who is Casemiro’s wife Anna Mariana? How old is she?

Anna Mariana Casemiro is the wife of Brazilian footballer Carlos Henrique Casemiro. She is a professional makeup artist and has a degree in Business Administration. Born in São Paulo on July 12, 1989, she is currently 34 years old. At 5’1″ in height and two years older than her husband.

 Casemiro with his sweetheart Anna Mariana
Casemiro with his sweetheart Anna Mariana sources

Anna Mariana is known for her work in cosmetics and continues to practise her craft despite her husband’s successful soccer career. Anna Mariana, a Brazilian beauty with a passion for makeup artistry and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, shines not only for her talent but also for her nurturing role as a family woman.

When was the couple married? How did they meet? Children

Casemiro is a happily married man and father of kids. The couple met while Carlos was still playing for São Paulo, and they tied the knot in a fairytale wedding on June 28, 2014, with all his teammates in attendance.

Casemiro with their son
Casemiro with their son sources

As Casemiro’s wife, Anna Mariana’s journey reveals love, commitment, and common goals, illustrating her tenacity, fortitude, and unfailing support. Anna Mariana is a living example of how love and friendship can write the narrative of a happy life, as she demonstrates time and again in her roles as a wife, mother, and professional.

Casemiro with their wife and kids
Casemiro with their wife and kids sources

Casemiro, the Brazilian footballer who plays as a defensive midfielder for Real Madrid, has two children with his wife, Anna Mariana Casemiro. Sara Casemiro was born on March 6, 2016. She is currently 6 years old. Caio, their second child, was born in late 2021. His exact birth date has not been publicly disclosed. The family has been living happily in Madrid since 2015. 

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Nationality and Relationship Ties

Hailing from Brazil, like her husband Casemiro, Anna Mariana’s unwavering support for her nation in football matches echoes her pride and connection to her roots. Beyond national allegiance, her relationship with Casemiro transcends borders, symbolising a union built on love, respect, and shared dreams. 

Their journey together reflects a blend of companionship and mutual admiration, enriching their lives both on and off the field.

Instagram Presence

Married to Casemiro, Anna Mariana embodies grace, beauty, and strength, standing by her husband through the highs and lows of his football career. Her Instagram account, boasting over 300k followers, serves as a window into her world, offering glimpses of her life, work, and moments of joy with her family. 

As a close friend of Georgina Rodriguez, and partner to Cristiano Ronaldo, Anna Mariana navigates the realm of fame with elegance and poise, carving her identity amidst the glitz and glamour of the football world.