American film maker Brent Renaud killed in Ukraine, wife, net worth and death

American film maker Brent Renaud killed in Ukraine, wife, net worth and death

Brent Renaud was a New York Times reporter who had won numerous awards. Russian troops shot and killed Brent Renaud today in Ukraine. When Russian troops opened fire on a car, Brent Renaud, 51, a video journalist, was killed. Continue reading to learn more about Brent Renaud wife, net worth, children, family, and death.

How much was his net worth? What was his earnings?

Brent Renaud has built a sizable net worth throughout the course of his 51-year career. Brent Renaud’s net worth is estimated to be above $1 million due to his enthusiasm for journalism. Not only that, but several of the stations where he has worked have handsomely compensated him. He may have earned more than the average journalist’s income of $39565. A reporter’s average compensation in America is £23,878 per payscale. In addition, he is supposed to earn the same amount as his counterpart.

Brent Renaud net worth
Brent Renaud is with his charming look Source: How did he die? What is the cause of his death?

While reporting in a Kyiv suburb, the award-winning director was slain. When Russian troops opened fire on a car, he was tragically shot. According to sources, Renaud was inside the vehicle when it crashed at Irpin’s Romanivsky Bridge. Meanwhile, Kyiv Chief of Police Andrey Nebitov verified the death news. “The occupants callous [sic] kill even journalists of the foreign media who try to portray the truth about Russian forces’ passivity in Ukraine,” he said on Facebook.

“Of course, being a journalist carries risks,” he continued, “but US citizen Brent Renaud paid the ultimate price for attempting to highlight the aggressor’s resourcefulness, cruelty, and ruthlessness.” Two other media employees were also injured, according to the Police Chief. They’ve been sent to a nearby medical facility.

How did he start his professional career?

Renaud began working for CBS in 1991. Brent Renaud worked for CBS for nearly ten years and was praised for his honesty and dedication. Brent Renaud eventually joined the New York Times and quickly rose through the ranks to become the paper’s top foreign correspondent. Renaud worked for the New York Times on a number of high-profile events, including the Syrian War, the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, the 2010 Haiti disaster, the Russian War on Ukraine, and the India-Pakistan War.

According to sources, the commander of Kyiv’s regional police unit, Brent Renaud, a 50-year-old filmmaker, was murdered when Russian troops opened fire. Brent Renaud collaborated alongside his brother Craig to make videos for HBO and Vice News, among other venues.