Boston Celtic star Jaylen Brown's dating girlfriend Bernice Burgos.

The Romantic Rumours: Who is Boston Celtic star Jaylen Brown’s dating girlfriend Bernice Burgos?

In the world of celebrities, sports stars often find themselves in the spotlight for their performances on the court and personal lives. Boston Celtics’ rising star, Jaylen Brown, has recently found himself at the centre of dating rumours with the stunning Bernice Burgos, a supermodel, internet personality, and brand ambassador for Fashion Nova.

What started Jaylen Brown and Bernice Burgos’ September 2022 relationship rumours?

When rumours of a romance between Jaylen Brown and Bernice Burgos started to circulate in September 2022, fans and the media took notice.

Jaylen Brown's dating girlfriend Bernice Burgos
Jaylen Brown’s dating girlfriend Bernice Burgos sources

 In February 2023, the couple added fuel to the rumours when they were seen cuddling up on a beach and dancing together at a bar in New York City.

Bernice Burgos career

Bernice Burgos, known for her striking beauty and charismatic presence, gained fame after gracing the screens on the VH1 show The Impact in 2024. 

Bernice Burgos career mode
Bernice Burgos career model sources

Apart from her entertainment career, she plays the roles of a devoted mother and grandmother, adding layers to her already intriguing persona.

How did Bernice Burgos and Jaylen Brown get together?

Jaylen Brown career
Jaylen Brown career sources

Before the buzz surrounding Brown, Bernice Burgos was linked to the renowned rapper Drake in 2015, showcasing her allure that captures the interest of high-profile personalities across different industries.

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As He continues to shine on the basketball court with his skills and dedication, off the court, the speculation surrounding his relationship with Bernice Burgos adds a touch of glamour to his public image.

 The dynamic between this talented athlete and the multifaceted beauty keeps fans eagerly following their every move, waiting to see where this rumoured romance might lead.