The untold truth of T'Pau Band member Bob Geldof personal life: Wife, Daughter

The untold truth of T’Pau Band member Bob Geldof personal life: Wife, Daughter

Robert Frederick Zenon Geldof KBE (born Robert Frederick Zenon Geldof) is an Irish singer-songwriter, actor, and political activist. He rose to prominence in the late 1970s as the main singer of the Boomtown Rats, an Irish rock band that became popular during the punk rock movement. Bob is married to Jeanne Marine, a French actress. We are sure that you are eager to learn more about Bob Geldof’s personal life, including whether or not he is still married to his wife. Come down to learn more about Bob Geldof wife, wedding, daughter, and other details:

Who is Bob Geldof wife Jeanne Marine? Wiki, age, parents, career

Bob Geldof wife
Bob Geldof with wife Jeanne Marine Source:

Bob Geldof and Jeanne Marine are happily married. Jeanne Marine is a well-known actress who played Nicolette in the film Braveheart. In 2005, she played Charlotte Miquel in the TV series Paris City Cop. Bob Geldof wife Jeanne was born in France in 1966. She has French ancestry. She hasn’t revealed anything about her mother, father, or educational history. She last appeared in the television series Paris City Cop in 2005. Her acting career has ended as a result of her appearance.

As of 2022, she has a net worth of $2 million as a result of her work as an actress. She has light brown hair and blue eyes. She stands 1.67 meters tall and weighs roughly 132 pounds.

When did Bob and Jeanne meet and marry? Wedding

Following his divorce from Paula in 1996, Bob began dating French actress Jeanne Marine. The duo allegedly met in Paris, where the musician had fled after experiencing sadness as a result of his failed marriage. After 20 years together, Bob and Jeanne announced their engagement in May 2014, only weeks after the devastating death of their daughter Peaches. In April of 2015, they married in France.

Following Peaches’ death, Bob later said that his choice to marry after 20 years together was motivated by concern for his children. The wedding took place in France on April 28, 2015, at a very intimate event. Morv, a London-based fashion brand, custom-designed her wedding gown.

“When my [first] wife left me and subsequently died, I met a girl who knew nothing about me, who I married a couple of years ago, and I married her after my daughter died because things were so dark in our family that I feared for my children’s health, never mind mine,” said Geldof in the Irishman Abroad podcast.

Bob Geldof’s ex-wife is Paula Yates: What happened to her??

Paula Yates, a rock journalist, was Bob’s longtime girlfriend and first wife. Yates became a fan of The Boomtown Rats, and the two began dating in 1976 after Paula traveled to Paris to visit Bob when he was performing there. In 1983, the couple welcomed their first daughter, Fifi Trixibelle Geldof, into the world. Paula and Bob married in a Las Vegas ceremony in 1986 after 10 years together, and they had two additional children, Peaches Honeyblossom Geldof in 1989 and Little Pixie Geld of in 1990.

However, Paula abruptly left Bob in 1995 for Australian musician Michael Hutchence, and the couple divorced in 1996, just two months before their daughter Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence was born. Hutchence died of a heroin overdose in a Sydney hotel room in 1997, and Paula died of a suicide in a Sydney hotel room in 2000.

Bob already had full custody of his three kids when Paula died, so he adopted Tiger and renamed her Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence Geldof in 2019.

Bob Geldof and Yates children: his daughter Peaches died at the age of 25

Peaches Honeyblossom Geldof (known as Peaches Geldof) was born on March 13, 1989, and Little Pixie Geldof (known as Pixie Geldof) was born on September 17, 1990. Pixie is reported to be named after a celebrity daughter character from the satirical magazine Private Eye’s cartoon Celeb, which is a parody of the Geldofs’ other children’s names.

Fifi was born in 1983, and she is Bob and Yates’ first child. She is a make-up artist who married Andrew Robertson, a sand sculptor, in Kent in 2016, at the same church where her mother and sister are buried. Peaches, Geldof’s second child with Yates, was a model and worked in the television industry. She married American guitarist Max Drummey in Las Vegas in 2008, but the couple divorced in 2011.

Pixie, Geldof and Yates’ third child, is a model and singer. She has featured on the covers of magazines such as Tatler and has modeled for Levis, Agent Provocateur, and other brands. Paula Yates, Geldof’s first wife, is the mother of Tiger. Michael Hutchence, an Australian singer, is her biological father, for whom Yates left Geldof. After Hutchence committed himself in 1997 and Yates died of a heroin overdose in 2000, Geldof became Tiger’s legal guardian, and Tiger was adopted in 2007. Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence Geldof has been her legal name since 2019.

Bob Geldof net worth and earnings: After an outstanding career, a musician is worth an unbelievable amount.

Bob Geldof net worth
Musician Bob Geldof during photoshoot Source: Instagram

For more than 40 years, Geldof has captivated audiences and is one of the most popular country singers and composers in the industry. He has achieved a tremendous lot of fame and money as a musician as a result of his talent and hard work. Geldof rose to prominence as the lead singer of “The Boomtown Rats,” an Irish rock band. With his tunes ‘Rat Trap’ and ‘I Don’t Like Mondays,’ the band earned UK number one hits.

He played “Pink” in Pink Floyd’s film “Pink Floyd – The Wall” in 1982. He organized the charity supergroup Aid, as well as the performances Live Aid and Live 8, as a fundraiser.

Bob Geldof net worth is expected to be over $150 million in 2022.


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